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Our favourite books: Children’s Books recommended by Payal and her kids for 0-6 years
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Our favorite books!

I didn’t title this post as ‘My kids’ favorite books’, but used the word ‘our’ as I love browsing, buying, reading and re-reading children’s books!

This is a list I put together when I undertook a massive book roundup (thanks to a little nudge by Asha!).

So all of these books are as old as my daughter who is 6 years old, and they are thoroughly enjoyed by her, my 3 year old son and me of course!

A few of them work well for special reasons and need a separate mention. I found them helpful and suggest you keep them handy.

Books for tantrums:

Toddler tantrums are a common thing in every house. I found reading books on toddler tantrums very helpful.
My Big Shouting Day: When your kid has been in a bad screaming mood, it’s apt. Be sure to read it then!

Sing along and act along books:

Very important to encourage kids to express themselves.
Wriggle and Roar: By our favourite children’s author, Julia Donaldson, this one is a riot. It’s made up of very colorful illustrations and super cute rhymes. We love reading singing and acting them out.

Bedtime storybooks:

The only reading ritual I have with both my kids is reading to them at night. I will blog about that later on. But it has helped us three immensely as a “we activity” we all look forward to every night! And it has made them better readers. I really recommend bedtime reading to everyone.

These books are our current favourite bedtime reads:
Peace at last
Kipper (the series is excellent)
One more story before going to bed

Our Toddler favorites:

So while the kids enjoyed being read to these books as toddlers, they now serve as my 6 year old daughter’s first reads. She reads them aloud to herself or to me. I call them the reading practice books now!

Naisha series of books
Moo baa la la la (read review here)
Oh Dear

All time favourites – any time reads:

These books are simply amazing. Period. Everyone must have a few Julia Donaldson books in their collection at home.

The Snail and The whale (this actually tops the list!)
The Gruffalo’s Child (read review here)
What the ladybird heard (read review here)
Room on the Broom (read review here)

Reading with Actions & Drama:

The Pigeon wants a Puppy – we enjoy reading this the most! There is another book in this series – Don’t let the Pigeon Drive the Bus, which is also a riot and an award winning book.

Good Phonics Books:

Goose on the loose (read review here)
Croc gets a shock

Other favourites and must reads include:
Wake up Sun
Jack and the Beanstalk
Don’t let the aliens get my marvelous mum
Oh no George
Dear Zoo (read review here)
My Uncle is a Hunkle

Hope you enjoyed the post! Please share your favourite children’s books as well.

[Note from Team Kids Book Café: For your convenience, affiliate links (MARKED IN PINK) to some of the books have been added to enable you to buy the books from AMAZON, should you wish to! A very small amount of money comes to kidsbookcafe.com when you purchase a book via the amazon affiliate link provided. Do let us know if you’d like to buy some other children’s books that are not listed here by writing to asha@kidsbookcafe.com and we’ll enable a shopping link for you!]

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