May 012021
Sneaky Bedtime Reads for 2 year olds!
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The 2 YO milestone brought sleep regression with it. The awake world became very exciting to closed eyes, so much so that little miss bossy will command assertively: “Mama get up, it’s not time to sleep, it’s time to play😅” and so we played…. with our books!!

  1. We’re Going On A Bear Hunt: My most favourite book, with lots of opportunities of enacting and making silly sounds. We started with this book because it involves lots of hulla gulla!!
  2. Bouncing Babies: The cutest little book with babies bouncing everywhere. Very relatable with my toddler as she loves to jump on mama, dada, the couch, bed, chairs, coffee table, as soon as the clock strikes sleep time 😁
  3. Toddlerobics : Lots of cute exercises for little bums to shake, rock and roll!!
  4. Child’s Play series : We totally love this series. Picked up a few nursery rhymes that are favourites and we repeat each title for four to five times each night
  5. Good Night Yoga: Yoga is a superhit with my little ball of energy. We do sun, moon, stars, honey bee, ladybug and butterfly poses with such grace, but mind you, no one is allowed to use the word “good night” yet!
  6. Tickle, Tickle: This one by Helen Oxenbury brings lots of cuddles and riots of laughter.
  7. Dream Animals: After spending 60-90 minutes on 1-6, energy is low. We still don’t want excitement of the awake world to end. So dream animals comes to the rescue. It has the most intriguing and vibrant illustrations and I promise that excitement is going to continue in dreamworld too.
  8. Sleepyheads: Now we are almost drowsy, ready to close our eyes, but not without looking at all the cute little animals enjoying their deep slumber in different places😴😴😴.

Extremely grateful for the above titles to unplug little ones from over stimulating electronics at bedtime.

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