Feb 112020

Review: A Cloud Called Bhura

Book: A Cloud called Bhura Author: Bijal Vachharajani Type: Paperback Age group : 9 -14 year olds Climate change has become a hot topic for discussion on many forums across the world today and rightly…Continue Reading

Feb 082020

Back In Time #kbcSuperpower

If I had a superpower It would be Timetravel. It sounds like a cliche superpower that most people would pick but there is a reason it is such a common want. Although it might seem…Continue Reading

Dec 302019

Mr. Oliver’s Diary

Book: Mr. Oliver’s Diary  Author: Ruskin Bond Type: Paperback  Ages: 10+years What readers like about this book: It’s a hilarious book for both tweens and adults. All the characters are quirky. Reading it makes you…Continue Reading

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