Feb 152024
Recently Launched! Don’t miss these books in 2024!
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Every month we get many many many review copies from our partner publishers. We’re sharing all the latest releases that we have come across in 2024! This curated post gets updated throughout the year so bookmark it for sure!

The Girl Who Lost Her Yes by Aarti Khatwani Bhatia, illustrated by Priya Kuriyan (36 pages)

Feathers, Fools and Farts: Manipuri Folktales Retold for 8 years+

Mehar’s World of Colours | A middle-grade story about self-discovery, parental pressures and friendship hurdles by Arti Sonthalia for 8-12 years (160 pages)

How to Win an Election (A Most Unreliable Guide) | A humorous story about two best friends navigating school elections by Menaka Raman for 10 years+ (232 pages)

The Talking Book by Jane De Suza (the author of Flyaway Boy – a must must read recommended by Aarini) for 10-12 years (216 pages)

Tiger Tiger! Stories of the Big Cat (read detailed review here) for 10+

Megha’s Autumn Equation for 10 years+ by Reshmi Sujesh
The Case Files of Anwesha Krishnamurthy: Mystery of the missing friend for 9 years+ by Reshmi Sujesh

The Later Adventures of Hanuman | 40 fantastical tales of Hanuman’s adventures after the age of Rama | Mythological fiction (YA) by Amit Majmudar for 14 years+

[Note from Team Kids Book Café: For your convenience, affiliate links (MARKED IN PINK) to some of the book titles & images have been added to enable you to buy the books from AMAZON, should you wish to! A very small amount of money comes to kidsbookcafe.com when you purchase a book via the amazon affiliate link provided (at absolutely no extra cost to you!). Do let us know if you need information about other children’s books by writing to asha@kidsbookcafe.com.]

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