About us

What are we trying to solve?

When it comes to reading, almost every parent faces at least one of these problems:

  • How do I get my child interested in reading?
  • What should my child be reading at this age?
  • My child prefers watching a video than reading a book.
  • There are so many children’s books and new authors I am not familiar with.
  • What kind of books will inspire my child to be creative and imaginative?
    And so on.

Who could solve these problems better than another book lover, parent or a peer?

Presenting The Community Solution!

Kids Book Café is a community for parents, children* and book lovers to recommend, review, discover, re-discover and buy age-appropriate children’s books. It’s a fun place where parents and children can discover different children’s books, publishers and of course authors – especially the new age Indian ones we didn’t have while growing up. It’s a safe place where one can freely share suggestions and ask anything related to children’s books and reading. And it’s a cosy place where book lovers can pass on their legacy of passion for reading to the next generation.

Kids Book Café is a humble, heartfelt endeavor to ensure our children grow up reading good books – both old and current, for the love of reading and not as a forced task. Nowadays, with increased screen time and shorter attention spans, ensuring our kids read physical books has become a challenge. So to overcome this challenge, the idea of building a community of book loving, involved parents who want their children to be creative and feed themselves with everything books can offer, was born. Together, we intend to help other parents by sharing what each one of us has learnt during our own reading journeys. And discover amazing children’s books ranging from 0-15 years.

This is a work-in-progress and we urge all of you to contribute your ideas and thoughts to make Kids Book Café each parent’s go-to place for all things reading & writing.

What can you do on Kids Book Café?

  • Rate & recommend books
  • Read & write reviews of children’s books (pls share reviews of books you/your child have read)
  • Share your list of recommended books (pls recommend books you/your child have read)
  • Share your child’s favourite books and book reviews
  • Buy books listed/reviewed on Kids Book Café from AMAZON affiliate links provided. Kids Book Café is part of the Amazon Affiliate Program and when you buy a book from our affiliate link, a very small part of the sales comes to us at no extra cost to you!
  • Buy books from our Partner Publishers like Scholastic India and Pickle Yolk Books.
  • Buy Brands who have partnered with us! We are Kaadoo Games’ Community Partner! Please feel free to write to asha@kidsbookcafe.com if you need more information or you are a publisher/author/brand owner and would like to collaborate with us.
  • Post read-aloud videos
  • Blog about anything related to children’s books, reading as a habit, reading tips, your personal experiences & observations, your reading journey with your children, anything that could help another parent!
  • Ask the community for age-appropriate, theme-oriented recommendations. Ask the community any questions related to reading habits, issues you or your child face, how books can help your child deal with difficult topics while growing up – let the community guide you!
  • Connect and converse with book lovers and like-minded parents on our organic, closed, yet very helpful Facebook group.
  • Share original children’s stories/poems you or your child have authored!

Let’s raise readers, together!

*We encourage children to start writing at a young age. But the permissible age for children to post on Kids Book Café is 13+ years. Till then we request the parents to post on their children’s behalf should they wish to review/blog/do read-alouds before they are old enough to post themselves. Children who are 13+ years also require to seek their parent’s consent which can be done by emailing us at asha@kidsbookcafe.com.