May 292023

Review: Anńa, Hanu & the Thump

Braj is a beautiful jungle on the banks of the River Yamuna and it’s protected by Anńa the elephant and Hanu the monkey. One day Hanu hears a Thump and is shocked to see a Dinosaur creating havoc in their beautiful home and seeks Anńa’s help.

May 212023

Himavan, the lord of the mountains, had glorious wings under his snowy cloak which was a design mistake by Bramha. Hence, when he was to be wed to Mainavati, it was established that he would never expand his wings.

Apr 262023

Review: Chitti’s Travelling Book Box

The surprise that Chitti had brought turned out to be books that none of her friends were interested in. But, Chitti is a determined and creative girl who finds ways to spark her friends’ interest in reading.