Sep 222021

Shoo, Crow! – A Laughter Riot! [Review]

There is nothing more that young children like in a book than a seemingly unsolvable problem, narrated so funnily that you fall off from the bed laughing.

Jul 252021

Pickle Yolk Books have award winning and incredibly beautiful picture books for 3-7yrs. Each one of them is unique – from the topic/issue the author chooses to address, to the unparalleled illustrations, to the directness and candidness, to the subtle nuances. We strongly feel that every parent who is raising a sensitive and kind child must ensure at least a few (if not all!) of these enchanting books are included in the home library.

Jul 182021

NBT HINDI BOOKS! (3-7 years)

NBT Hindi books are super affordable. They have the most beautiful stories and illustrations. And most important, the language is easy to understand and interesting enough to engage with readers who are used to reading English books only!