Jan 172022

Review: Reva And Prisha

The book has humour, kindness, family love and lots of silliness that will knock you off the chair. If you think about the most relatable funny family book ever, Reva and Prisha is the book.

Jan 072022

Review: Heroes Without Capes

If you want your child to develop empathy and respect towards other professions, especially these ones to whom we owe a huge debt, please get this book! The book will also make them kinder and help you have conversations on the pandemic, the hardships that everyone has faced and what we can all do to make it easier.

Jan 032022

Review: Malhar In The Middle

It is about a boy called Malhar, who wants to become a famous tabla player and perform along with his brother Kedar and friend Chetan. The trouble starts when they go to a big concert and Malhar notices that the singer is sitting in the middle of the stage.

Jul 252021

Pickle Yolk Books have award winning and incredibly beautiful picture books for 3-7yrs. Each one of them is unique – from the topic/issue the author chooses to address, to the unparalleled illustrations, to the directness and candidness, to the subtle nuances. We strongly feel that every parent who is raising a sensitive and kind child must ensure at least a few (if not all!) of these enchanting books are included in the home library.

Jul 182021

NBT HINDI BOOKS! (3-7 years)

NBT Hindi books are super affordable. They have the most beautiful stories and illustrations. And most important, the language is easy to understand and interesting enough to engage with readers who are used to reading English books only!

Apr 142021

Review: The Germ Academy

As a toddler parent, I’ve struggled with explaining the Covid-19 pandemic to my 4 year old. Why does he have to be locked up inside the house? Why does he have to wear a mask? Why does he have to keep washing his hands? You obviously cannot tell a toddler that there is a mysterious virus out there, and that all the doctors in the world are struggling to contain its impacts. The book ‘The Germ Academy’ has cleverly explained the phenomenon from the perspective of a child. ​