Mar 302024

Divya has a solution for her hair woes! [Review]

Alpa Masi and her dog, Riksha, have come to keep her company. Divya declares that she will not wash her hair as she thinks it is boring, the soap gets in her eyes and the hair anyways get dirty again. Alpa says ‘okay’.

Dec 212023

Raising Stars: A Stellar Book On Parenting [Review]

Rashmi Uchil ‘s ‘Raising Stars’ brings forth unfiltered and spontaneous stories as Bollywood celebrities share their take on parenting. The author covers various dynamics of parenting: anger management, breaking gender stereotypes, financial responsibility, discipline and single parenting.

May 032021

Review: Have You Met the Anglo-Indians?

Have you met the anglo-indians? is a powerhouse book. It’s a vibrant book taking us through the traditions, food and festivals of a lesser-known community in India.

Feb 272021

Review: It All Began When I Said Yes

The book is about a little girl who says no to everything that her parents ask her to do. So much so, that her mum and dad ask her if she can just try to say yes once! It all changed when Gideon, the Gorilla arrived at her door!

Apr 022024

Review: The Magical Mission to Mars

Meet Anay, a shy boy who loved all his subjects at school, but his face lit up like a light bulb and a flash of enthusiasm burst through him when someone asked about his favourite subject – Space.

Mar 212024

A Talking Book with a Talking Dog! [Review]

Jane’s well researched and well written book traces the story of communication from prehistoric times, through the dark ages, and meanders finally into the age of AI. It’s a fun read for all age groups, with an interesting design and a wise crack dog!