Dec 212023

Raising Stars: A Stellar Book On Parenting [Review]

Rashmi Uchil ‘s ‘Raising Stars’ brings forth unfiltered and spontaneous stories as Bollywood celebrities share their take on parenting. The author covers various dynamics of parenting: anger management, breaking gender stereotypes, financial responsibility, discipline and single parenting.

Oct 012021

Because Book Lovers Need BOOKSHELVES!!

Very often, actually most often right after the Scholastic Sale and right before the Amazon Sale, we get requests for recommendations on awesome bookshelves as well as storage ideas.

May 162024

Exploring the Sunderbans with Paro! [Review]

Paro is a little mudskipper who is lost in the mangroves. While she is an amphibious fish, she cannot stay away from water for a long time. To top it, she does not have legs which makes her journey back home even more difficult.