Feb 212020

Review: Ocean Yoga

Book Name: Ocean Yoga Author: Sabrina Merchant Illustrator: Lotta Farber Book type: Hard cover Age group: 3-10 years (useful for parents too!) A unique book of storytelling with child-friendly, fun yoga asanas! This is the…Continue Reading

Aug 262019

A Cloud Called Bhura

 *Award winning book! *Part of Children’s Bookshelf on Amazon Book: A Cloud Called Bhura Author: Bijal Vachharajani Illustrated by: Aindri C Type: Paperback Ages: 9-14 years What we like about this book: It’s a tween &…Continue Reading

Jul 022019

Review: Sonam’s Ladakh

 Book: Sonam’s Ladakh Author: Manish Lakhani Type: Paperback Age group: 3- 8 years We got this book from The Curious Owl and Kids Book Café Review-a-Book Contest . Sonam’s Ladakh is a book which me and my…Continue Reading

Mar 062019

Number March

 Book: Number March Author: Nalini Sorensen Type: Paperback Ages: 3-7 years What readers like about this book: This book teaches numbers in the most creative way using real life things as examples (traffic lights etc).…Continue Reading

May 292020


 Shimmering softly with its worldly glow, In life’s weary, subdued shores; Hope – a beast fierce and wild, Yet a free spirit – warm and bright! When spectres morose, darkened life’s cloudy sphere, Dark and…Continue Reading

May 272020

The Magic Finger

 Book: The Magic Finger    Author: Roald Dahl Type: Paperback Ages: 5-8 years What we like about this book: The story! For a young girl to be able to zap anyone at when she’s really…Continue Reading

May 202020

Just For Girls

 Book: Just For Girls       Author: Sarah Delmege Type: Hardcover Ages: 8-12 years What we like about this book: It’s a tween-friendly, easy to understand book that explains what happens when you’re growing…Continue Reading

May 182020

The Diary Of Amos Lee

 Book: The Diary Of Amos Lee  Author: Adeline Foo Type: Paperback  Ages: 8-12years What we like about this book: The cool concept! Amos Lee started writing his diary while doing his big business in the…Continue Reading

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