Mar 282020


 Ensnared in this wreath of fear, lies a breathless me Lost in a labyrinth of Fear’s artful creativity  Behind this barricade lies my anxious heart As again the tendrils of Fear, drag me into its…Continue Reading

Feb 212020

Review: Ocean Yoga

Book Name: Ocean Yoga Author: Sabrina Merchant Illustrator: Lotta Farber Book type: Hard cover Age group: 3-10 years (useful for parents too!) A unique book of storytelling with child-friendly, fun yoga asanas! This is the…Continue Reading

May 242019

Review: Flying High

 Book: Flying High Author: Geeta Dharmarajan. Type: Paperback Publishers: Katha Age: 3-7 years Especially for space loving kids! We won this Katha book from The Curious Owl and Kids Book Café Review-a-Book Contest . The cover…Continue Reading

May 182019

Fat Cat On A Mat

 *Part of Children’s Bookshelf on Amazon Book: Fat Cat On A Mat (Usborne Phonics Readers) Author: Phil Roxbee Cox Illustrated by Stephen Cartwright Type: Paperback Ages: 2-5 years What readers like about this book: Toddlers…Continue Reading

May 172019

The World’s Worst Children

 Book: The World’s Worst Children Author: David Walliams Type: Paperback Ages: 8-14 years What readers like about this book: The title! David Walliams is one of the most funny and engaging contemporary children’s authors. This title…Continue Reading

Mar 282020

Sigh of life

 I peeped out of my window pane And saw two young lads in the cold who lay  Bony, frail and sickened frames, Writhing with hot fever, living on shallow breath. I sat back with a…Continue Reading

Mar 272020

Corona State Of Mind

 A state of dilemma, Eternal confusion, A jungle of thoughts, An imprisoned illusion, Boiling cauldron, Filled with guilt, Afraid of everything, Forcing dreams to tilt, Images flashing, Inside your head, Splitting pain, Sinking into your…Continue Reading

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