Apr 302021

I’ve gradually built up a collection of books that I find difficult to part with as I have so many memories attached to them. So I’m happy that the KBC book bingo gives us a chance to share our books that we have cherished for many years.

Apr 262021

Avan’s 30 Friends (Must Reads for 0-4 years) #kbcbookbingojr

I have always loved reading. In fact, my bedtime reading routine is a must or I just can’t sleep. Books have always held a special place, but in the past year since we are stuck at home due to the pandemic, books have been more than just books. They are friends, play buddies (I use them like blocks to stack and make roads to drive our trucks on). They are also our food and bath buddies (yes, Mumma has to read while I play in the bathtub pretending to get clean). Sometimes I even sleep on them. So it’s difficult to choose a few from so many I love. So I made my Mumma list a few.

Apr 042021

Review: Raising a Humanist

Raising a Humanist is a well-researched book packed with case studies, quotes, black and white illustrations, questions and exercises that makes you introspect about your identity, core beliefs and your idea of humanism and more importantly, if you’re willing to change them. It’s not just for parents, guardians, teachers or caregivers to know, but for every member of society, because whether you choose or not, you do come in contact with children and influence their lives directly or indirectly.