Jan 172024
With Love, From Wonder House in 2024!
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What better way to start the new year with A NEW BOARD BOOKS SERIES OF TEN BOOKS for babies and toddlers that’s ALL ABOUT LOVE?! These board books are on childoo-parent bonding, family & pet themes (with animal as well as with human characters). And like all other books from Wonder House Books, they are extremely affordable!

Note from the Publisher:

The I LOVE YOU series is a collection of 10 gorgeous board books that celebrate the magic of
love, family, and pets. The beautiful illustrations capture the essence of every family and
highlight the joys of being together. These books instill early emotional development,
develop a sense of security, and nurture the beauty of family bonds.
Each book in the series talks about different aspects of a family’s life, including playtime,
bedtime routines, and more. Whether it’s a family of two or a large family with pets, the I
LOVE YOU series has something for everyone. These books are perfect for toddlers and
preschoolers who are discovering the world around them and trying to understand their
emotions. The simple words and delightful illustrations make the stories engaging and easy
to understand.
Parents will find themselves cherishing the moments that they read these books with their
children, as they reflect on their own family memories.

The 10 Titles in the recently released warm and reassuring I LOVE YOU series illustrated by Eulalia Rose are:

I LOVE YOU, MOMMY (bear characters) – Nikita won this book in a prompt for #wonderhousewednesdaysonkbc. She has shared a mini review along with inside pages here in the fb group. In her words:

The book will melt your heart, while I was reading I saw my kid’s heart melt too. On the most amazing side got some cite little kisses and hugs throughout the reading. I read it twice to him one as why baby bear loves mumma and the other one why baby bear loves papa.

Another way to include the father in this book, if you see in couple of pages there is another bear standing at the back. I made that as papa bear. Narrated the story like this: While mumma bear and baby bear enjoy catching fishes, papa bear at the back is watching out for any wild water animals to keep his family safe.

A great way to include fathers who are away from home but keep their family safe and make each moment fun for us.

I LOVE YOU, DADDY (panda characters). Pooja Natesh, too won this book. She has shared a detailed review and an inside page here in the fb group. Quoting her:

“We all love books that celebrate relationships, and this one is perfect for daddy-baby reading sessions. The story is set against a beautiful backdrop of snow-covered mountains, rivers and bamboo forests where the little baby pandas explain why they love Daddy! Doesn’t it sound interesting?

Anika is mesmerized by the illustrations. The book is perfectly sized, fits into my 2 yr old’s hands – she carries it with her to the playground and even when we visit restaurants & clinics – this has become our constant accessory!

Our favourite line was –

“I love you, Daddy, because.. you take care of me whenever I am hurt, and you always give me the best cuddles to make me better”.

The page has 4 Pandas, and Anika points and calls out Appa, Amma, Didi (Ananya) and herself, quite heartwarming!

The best part of the book is that there is a beautiful blue butterfly on every page – we enjoyed playing hide and seek. Panda is her favourite in the whole wide world (she has a Panda blanket, very dear to her since her birth), so this book touches a different chord.

A must-read, not just for the beautiful storyline but also the lovely illustrations – it would definitely help in reliving beautiful memories while saying the magic words aloud.”

MOMMY, I LOVE YOU – Aayushee won this book in a prompt for #wonderhousewednesdaysonkbc. She has shared a mini review along with inside pages here in the kbc fb group. Quoting her:

My daughter didn’t want me to read it to her, she did her first reading of the book herself and stated clearly after her perusal- I love this book! 🙂

The book features beautiful illustrations cherishing the loving moments between a mother and daughter- be it pretend play, dress up, shopping, going on adventures or just cuddling up together. It is an admiration of their never-ending love and how supportive and inspiring mothers are. I am not sure which one of us enjoyed reading the book more – my daughter or myself. This is one of the best illustrated Mother-daughter books we have read.


I LOVE MY FAMILY (animal characters) Nivedita won this one. She’s shared her review along with some inside pages here. Quoting her:

“We’re hooked! The book is perfectly sized — just a little bigger than an adult palm — and easy for babies and toddlers to handle. Full marks to Wonder House for the super-thick pages — nearly impossible for babies to pull out, bend or damage!

The illustrations are vivid and beautiful (a set of animals on each page), and there’s also a butterfly on each page for kids to find!

Each page describes why each member of the family (mummy, daddy, brother, sister, grandma, grandpa, aunty, uncle, etc.) is loved — perfect for bed-time reading and cuddling with your little one! You could also use this book to introduce the extended family to your kiddos!

If there’s one thing that would make this fantastic book even better, it would be to simplify the paragraph-format text (e.g. shorter sentences, smaller words).”

WE LOVE TO CUDDLE (animal characters) – Kimeera, who also won this book has shared some inside pages here in our fb group. Quoting her:

This not just a “cuddle book”, but a family book! It has adorable pictures of what different animal families like to do together. Like the monkeys who love to swing, the cats who love to cuddle, etc.

It is a great way to introduce different animals along with their most distinguishing behaviour to toddlers. And the onomatopoeia! Every page has these sound words that make the book that much more interesting. While we read the book, we have enjoyed cuddling and swooooping and fluttering and ROARing along with all the animals. A book that demands to be enjoyed as a group!

IT’S TIME TO SAY GOODNIGHT (animal characters). Vrinda, who also won a copy, has shared some inside pages here. In her words:

“Adorable book narrating what happens in nature during night. The sun sets then it is time to say goodnight. The birds, flowers, bears, fishes, sheep, otters, spiders, cows, every being stop their work to rest and sleep. Everybody begins their rest differently and the book beautifully illustrates the story of how everyone sleeps.

Very cute depiction of how peaceful the night is, how calm the nature is to make everyone fall asleep. And for the baby, how they drift to sleep by the end of the book makes kiddos love it. The bonus is the kids love searching for a cute butterfly on every page.”

I LOVE YOU AS MUCH AS THIS Sowmya won this book and has shared a wonderful review with an inside page in our fb group here. To quote her:

Love is an all encompassing emotion which can be challenging to express or quantify for many, especially our young cubs. Wonder House’s ‘I Love You As Much As This’ is a wonderful and heart-warming book which teaches the kids how to express their love through simple and relatable examples.

❤️An example which resonated with me was “I love you as much as my teddy bear..which loves me no matter what I’ve done”. This is a beautiful way to showcase that love is unconditional.

❤️Another thing which stood out for me are the gorgeous illustrations which are inclusive: all races and types of families are covered and there is a tiny teddy bear hidden in every page which makes it extra fun for the children to read.


We have a post that was curated last year on Wonder House Books recommended by other parents right here!

Happy reading and cuddling!!

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