Sep 122021

Lady Guard MG10 #kbcpinkooshergill

She said aunty I will also become a watchman when I grow up. I started laughing at her and told her girls can’t be watch’man’. I had never heard or seen a watchlady.

Sep 112021

The Adventures of Calico Sprat-Part 2

Calico and his men were still on the island where they were shipwrecked. Their earlier adventure was over but little did Calico know what was awaiting them.

Sep 102021

Starting The Reading Journey With Your Little One!

I love reading and when Sampurno was born, I wanted him to be an avid reader as well, so, I began my son’s reading journey at a precocious 4 months old, much to the ridicule of others at home. Not, that I expected him to sit with me and read along. But, it is one of the most enjoyable activities we have done together while spending quality time.

Sep 072021

The Boy Nurse #kbcPinkooShergill

There was a boy named Ray and he desperately wanted to become a Nurse, but during his time boys were not allowed to become Nurses. People thought it was job suited more for females. But that was not true and Ray was about to change it.