Dec 212023
Raising Stars: A Stellar Book On Parenting [Review]
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Title: Raising Stars – The Challenges and Joys of Being a Bollywood Parent
Author: Rashmi Uchil
Publisher: Fingerprint! Publishing
Type: Paperback
Length: 304 pages
Age recommendation: Adults

Parenting is a strangely paradoxical journey: it is exciting and enlightening, yet exhausting. Your children can manage to inspire and irk you at the same time! Most of us new-age care-givers love to pore over parenting manuals and guides to try to crack the code of parenting.

Rashmi Uchil ‘s ‘Raising Stars’ brings forth unfiltered and spontaneous stories as Bollywood celebrities share their take on parenting.

This book provides a refreshing outlook from the eyes of our beloved celebs: How do they handle tantrums in between takes? How do they teach kids to stay humble and grounded despite the constant media attention?

Rashmi Uchil covers various dynamics of parenting: anger management, breaking gender stereotypes, financial responsibility, discipline and single parenting.

I was intrigued to learn that Amrita Raichand’s culinary experiments to make her son eat better sparked off a successful television career. I loved Javed Akhtar’s take on secularism and Dr. Aditi Govitrikar’s insight into intentional introspection.

We read about Mrs. Nakshatra Reddy’s (mother to the Reddy sisters trio) tips to convert sibling rivalry to sibling revelry. Jackie Shroff’s take on helicopter parenting, Archana Puran Singh’s pragmatic take on disciplining kids and Zarine Khan’s advice on inculcating kindness in kids.

In the sea of parenting guides out there, Rashmi Uchil’s ‘Raising Stars’ stands out like a beacon because it adds a human touch to the glamorous personalities. Each chapter delves into an important facet of parenting and is prefaced with a short introduction by the author and peppered with wonderful insights by clinical psychologist, Dr. Hvovi Bhagwawar.

I’m giving 5/5 stars to ‘Raising Stars’ for covering so many parenting topics.

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