Sep 112023

Review: Roopa Pai’s The Yoga Sutras for Children

‘Yoga Sutras for Children’ is a fantastic guide for children and adults alike. As you peruse the pages, the words will ignite a spark in your mind, activate those chakras, and help you channel cosmic energy so that you may grow and lead more fulfilled lives.

Jul 222023

Review: Shiva and Parvati in Magadhpur

Do Gods and Goddesses descend from the heavens to mingle amidst the mortals and test us?
Author Rachna Chhabria’s wonderful chapter book tells a tale of one such instance.

Sep 072021

Boys can make Badam Halwa #kbcpinkooshergill

“The world is changing rapidly, Ajji,” remarked Amma wistfully as she set the table for lunch. “Girls are expected to effortlessly balance work and home, why not the boys? Besides, I think Grandfather was an excellent cook and is the person who taught you the decadent badam halwa you are famous for!”