Nov 142023

The Boy Who Persisted – Kolam Kanna [Review]

Do you think Bharathi can make his way to a ‘ladies only’-‘residents only’ ‘Kolam Kontest’? Read this fun filled book to know Bharathi’s high-risk plan and how close this can get him to his longing of winning a grand dinner for his parents.

Nov 142023

Review: Mahalaxmi Will Go To Mysore

Grade II is going on a class trip to Mysore, however, Mahalaxmi’s parents refuse to send her as they find the expense “unnecessary”. Ira comes up with an idea to help Mahalaxmi.

Nov 032023

Review: Newton’s Laws of Motion for Smartypants

I was surprised when I was told that the book is for my 6-year-old to review. I decided to let her read on her own to get her views. After few days, I couldn’t believe it when she was able to discuss the laws in simple words with many examples from daily life.