Feb 282021

Review: Personalised Pet Dinosaur Book (By In The Book)

The text in the book manages to strike the perfect balance between being informative, yet staying humorous and appealing to the child. Of course, the most attractive part of the book is the fact that it can be personalised with your child’s name, which means that while reading the child gets to hear his/her name woven into the story! It doesn’t get cooler than that!

Feb 182021

Review: No Difference Between Us

This book is a gentle introduction to the concept of gender equality. It starts with the fact that girls and boys can be different- have long hair, short hair, wear different things, because kids notice these things and think boys and girls are meant to be different. The book goes on to explain how despite liking different things at times, most times they like the same things, feel same emotions, and do same things like cooking.

Dec 282020

Review: Nomad’s Land

Title: Nomad’s LandAuthor: Paro AnandPublisher: Talking Club Type: PaperbackAge Group: 12 years+ In a world that is increasingly divided on the basis of religion, with intolerance and hatred becoming more common, one often wonders “Where…Continue Reading

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