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December is here and so are our book elves!
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Where did the entire 2023 go? We get many recommendations every day in our facebook group and we like to share them with everyone here! This post is also a curation of the books ordered by our members recently usually at a special price (which is subject to change). Since kbcSecretSanta2023 is on, this will be a sought after post!

Not Now Noor! for 3-6 years Written by Farhana Islam and Illustrated by Nabila Adani.

Achu posted a review and shared inside pages here in the kbc fb group. Excerpts:

It’s a story about little Noor who is curious as to why her Ammu (mother) and all women in her family wear Hijab. She thinks of some funny ways as to why they wear Hijab. Is it to hide snacks in them?? Or is it because you are a spy😅Avi and me loved how funny and hilarious Noor was😁When no one has time to answer her curious question guess who finally answer’s it😍She finally finds the perfect answer as to why Muslim women wear Hijab and looks forward to wear the Hijab one day. Hijab for them is more than a head scraf, it is their identity, reminds them of who they are and it empowers women.

The story is informative and is the perfect book to talk about the Hijab and it’s relevance. Since we presently reside where we have neighbours wearing Hijab, we couldn’t be more prouder as they were beautifully represented in this book and Avi was proudly showing them this book and they were gleaming with happiness❤️The illustrations are bright and gorgeous.😍

Hooray for Hoppy: A First Book of Senses by Tim Hopgood (the author of The Truth According to Arthur and many other books!)

Where is Little Elephant?: The lift-the-flap book with a pop-up ending! Vichithra gifted this to Pooja for Secret Santa. You can see the inside pages of this very interactive book here.

My First 100 Dinosaur Words by Chris Ferrie. This is part of the My First STEAM Words series by Chris Ferrie.

Don’t Disturb the Dragon for 3-6 years (32 pages)

Unplugged by Steve Antony (the author of the Panda series) 32 pages. Quoting Prabha who received this as a Secret Santa gift for Ethan from Vichithra: “We loved how the book explains the concept of disconnecting from electronics and experiencing the real joy of the beautiful world around us”. She has also shared some of the inside pages here in the fb group.

Steve Antony has also authored THE QUEEN COLLECTION series of books which are super fun. Sharadhi has shared a video of inside pages here. Asha too has The Queen’s Hat!

Cat Problems by Jory John and Lane Smith for 3-7 years (48 pages). This series is called ANIMAL PROBLEMS and has other funny books!

A Cappella Boy by Katie Bagli for 3-10 years

The Boy With Flowers In His Hair by Jarvis for 3-7 years (32 pages) – THE WINNER OF THE OSCAR’S BOOK PRIZE 2023

Princess Easy Pleasy by Natasha Sharma and Priya Kuriyan (38 pages)

The Book of Cultures for 4 years+ (136 pages)

What to Look For in Spring (A Ladybird Book) – for 5 yrs+ (48 pages). Vichithra gifted this to Amar’s Neil for Secret Santa!

My Grandmother Can’t Cook! for 6-8 years (40 pages)

THE BOOK OF BOK: ONE MOON ROCK’S JOURNEY THROUGH TIME AND SPACE by Neil Armstrong for 6-8 years (40 pages)

The Legend of The Flute Player for 6-9 years (48 pages)

The Met Mystery at the Museum: Explore the Museum and Solve the Puzzles to Save the Exhibition! (DK The Met) for 7-11 years (64 pages). Mona gifted this to Punidha for Secret Santa.
Squiggle Gets Stuck: All about muddled sentences by Natasha Sharma for 7-11 years (88 pages). Mona gifted this to Punidha for Secret Santa.


Bluey: Where’s Bluey?: A Search-and-Find Book for 4-7 years


CAPTAIN AWESOME SAVES THE WINTER WONDERLAND for 5-9 years (128 pages – early chapter book). There’s an entire series called CAPTAIN AWESOME! There are boxsets available too:
Captain Awesome 4-Books-In-1

The Astoundingly True Adventures Of Daydreamer Dev: 3 Adventures in One by Ken Spillman for 7-8 years (152 pages)
The Absolutely True Adventures of Daydreamer Dev (Omnibus Edition, 3 in 1) by Ken Spillman for 6-8 years (176 pages)

How Oliver Olson Changed the World for 7-10 years (128 pages)

THE BOY WHO SANG WITH DRAGONS by Andy Shepherd (272 pages). There is an entire series called THE BOY WHO GREW DRAGONS with many funny and warm books!

EINSTEIN THE PENGUIN by Iona Rangeley for 7 years+ (240 pages). There are other books in this series.

The Lightning Catcher for 9-11 years (272 pages). Achira has this one.

Song for A Whale (320 pages) – an award winning book on the theme of disability. Readers who enjoyed WONDER will like this book.

Pages & Co. – Tilly And The Bookwanderers by Anna James (400 pages). There are quite a few books in this series.


Diary of a Cricket God by Shamini Flint for 7 years+ (104 pages). There are other books in this series on different sports.
Incredible Cricket : 60 True Stories Every Fan Needs to Know: A new fun-filled, illustrated children’s book packed with real-life stories, facts and trivia: Book 1 (Incredible Sports Stories) for 7-10 years (176 pages)
Cricket Activity Book for Kids : Maths, Logic, Puzzles and Colouring for 7-11 Year Olds (84 pages)
Cricket Quiz Book: Facts, Trivia and Anecdotes from the Game (159 pages)

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