Aug 222019
Review: The Light & Dark Series: The First to the Prophecy
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Title: The Light & Dark Series; ‘The First to the Prophecy’

Author: Ananya Pathak

Type: Paperback

Age group: 10-14 years

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An Intro to a New World

Hey Guys! Today I am gonna talk about a girl, around my age, who shares 2 of my hobbies. Yes, you guessed it, reading and writing! Meet Ananya Pathak a 12 year old story reader and teller. She has created an amazing story about 2 unique worlds, different from ours, but hidden in ours. So far only the first book in her series, The Light and Dark Series, has been published but I have a hunch that book 2 is coming soon. I recently read the first book and I should say, she has quite an imagination!

Alexia Faria was another ordinary girl living with her grandma but her life takes quite an unexpected turn just because she opened a mysterious door in her backyard. She finds herself in the middle of two, not – so – ordinary, worlds, the light and the dark realm. With the light realm seeming like the friendlier place, she decides to stay there but doesn’t know that she has a great part to play in the world’s prophecy. The first book in the series ends just when Alexia thinks she was successful in her mission to save the world that had saved her. But it turns out that it was a trick and her work is far from finished.

Firstly, I would like to compliment the author for creating such a powerful narrative. She has imagined a new world altogether and that isn’t easy. However, I felt that she could have described this world, the people of this world and Alexia feelings with a little more depth. I felt that these were left at the surface. The language was easy to understand and there were good uses of popular phrases and idioms.


One thing I liked very much her writing was that she left the book at a cliffhanger and that shows experience of creating a meaningful series. This could only come from someone who is an avid reader herself. This cliffhanger makes you really want to read the upcoming book.  

I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series and I hope the author will have bring forth more depth in the second book. I wish her all the very best!

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