Aug 262019
A Cloud Called Bhura

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Book: A Cloud Called Bhura

Author: Bijal Vachharajani

Illustrated by: Aindri C

Type: Paperback

Ages: 9-14 years

Synopsis of the book

What we like about this book: It’s a tween & teen book on climate change (rather, a climate change action thriller in tween lingo!). Though a serious topic, the book loaded with humour! The story revolves around 4 tweens on a mission to decode a mysterious cloud called Bhura that seems to have taken over Mumbai’s skyline. It’s fast paced & funny at the same time. Very engaging. It’s an Indian book and every tween in India will relate to the situations as well as characters described in the book. Extra brownies for the cool illustrations and rap in ALL CAPS! Highly recommended.

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