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Must have books recommended by our #kbcMembers in September 2021
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Shubha Saurabh Pandey’s lovely collection from kbc recommendations!

Every single day we get dozens of brilliant recommendations from our #kbcmembers. Here’s a curation of the must haves so no one misses out!

MY FIRST PUFFIN LIBRARY (early learning bookset of 10 for babies and toddlers) – Shaifali is loving it and how!

LITTLE MATES A TO Z (scholastic) – Perfect for ages 2.5 years+. A set of 26 beautiful animal stories (one book for each letter from A to Z) with themes of friendship, being kind and resilience, all written in alliteration. Starting from “The Amazing Ant” all the way to “the Zippiest Zebra”, these books are absolutely magnificent for read aloud with young children.

The Usborne Big Book of ABC – recommended by Girija & Asma – this book has multiple words starting with same letter. 

Peter Rabbit’s A B C and 1 2 3 – Payal Chatterjee recommends this one:

For those parents who want to teach ABC in a fun way and create a variation in the learning process, this book is surely a reliever. The words along with its usage in variety of sentences utterly makes the learning process fun.

All of Peter Rabbit’s books can be found here.

LULU’S LUNCH – for 2-5 yrs – Everyone is crazy about this interactive book that encourages toddlers to eat properly. All of Lulu books are a super hit at kbc! Payal Chatterjee’s review got many many members to grab this book including Asha who doesn’t have a toddler!

Never knew a book can actually help me understand that exactly when does my child feel hungry. All thanks to Madame Lulu…she made our life much easier now. Madame Lulu doesn’t only include fruits and veggies in her spread but also fish fingers (a total hit with the bongs) and our all time hit spaghetti. If you are facing a fussy eater at home, if you want to introduce a food book to your child, if you want your child to love everything you eat, if you want your baby to know eating manners…. grab this savior

I THOUGHT I SAW A BEAR – Varsha Jha’s video in the group has us hooked!

Bear is playing hide and seek in different vehicles and there are sliders thanks to which the titular character appears and disappears. It’s funny that bear is not completely hiding but trying to disguise itself for the lil ones to use the sliders to reveal him. It’s an extra sturdy and clever board book series for inquisitive hands and curious minds. Distinctive vibrant illustrations.

Brown bear, brown bear what do you see? LIFT THE FLAP BOOK

Hello, World! Solar System by Jill McDonald is one of the most popular books in kbc to introduce babies/toddlers to planets and the solar system!

THE WONDERFUL THINGS YOU WILL BE – this book needs no introduction and is a part of almost everyone’s personal collection!

Sometimes I Am Worried – (Little Big Feelings). Nimisha Kantharia recommends this CAMPBELL LITTLE BIG FEELINGS series for 2-4 years.

The books follow a sort of format. They first describe a common scenario in a toddlers life likely to elicit the given emotion, in this case staying over at a cousins house Then they describe the bodily sensation associated with the feeling (butterflies in tummy, heart beats faster). I think this section is essential. The next section describes what you can do (roar at the feeling, watch the thoughts float away like clouds, etc) and finally there’s a counter 1-10 to show how big your worry is. The whole book is interactive with flaps to lift, and counters and slides and tabs that can push and slide. Of the series I have three kind, angry, worry I like angry and worry. I’m not happy about the kind book suggesting, you count the kind deeds you do each day. Seems very counterproductive to the development of intrinsic motivation. But there you are. All in all we really enjoyed these books

I LOVE MYSELF – Recommended by Priyanka,

This is a wonderful, inspiring book with so many positive affirmations that we at times, as adults, need to be reminded of.

THE WORLD MADE A RAINBOW For 3 yrs+ – Recommended by many of our members. Quoting Achira,

This is about a girl who is sad because there is a rainstorm and she can’t go out. Her mother cheers her up saying “All rainstorms must end and this will end too”. Together they decide to make a rainbow for everyone to see and fell happy! How the red colour reminds her of the red chairs in her class and violet colour reminds her of her best friend Violet is so real from a child’s perspective. While conveying this beautiful message it also teaches us important lessons like how to find alternatives when you don’t have something.. she didn’t have blue colour so she used cardboard pieces. Gives us the hope that all will be well again.. soon! And most important lesson of all is to be happy with what you have! This book gave us a lot of strength and hope when we needed that the most in the pandemic!

LION VS. RABBIT – 3-6 YRS – A must have on bullying. Quoting Amardeep,

There are two things we strive to teach our children – it is not nice at all to be a bully and that you must stand up to a bully without fear. Lion vs Rabbit, addresses both these issues and much more.

RICHARD SCARRY BOOKS – keep kids engaged for long periods. THE BEST WORD BOOK EVER, WHAT DO PEOPLE DO ALL DAY, BEST COUNTING BOOK EVER, Cars and Trucks and Things that Go, PLEASE AND THANK YOU BOOK are bestsellers. His BUSY BOOKS are a superhit as well.
Richard Scarry’s A Day at the Fire Station

NOTHING – for 3-7 years. Highly recommended by Achira and Prachi.

THE COUCH POTATO for 4-8 years. Highly recommended by Shipra. To quote her:

This book is a reminder call for kids and adults to detach themselves from the electronic cords and reboot amidst Nature. A reminder to pause and breathe in the fresh air and explore the world. This beautiful story laced with humour ends with a positive message of maintaining a balance between screen time & the outside world – a message so important now than ever. This book is perfect for sparking a conversation with your kids regarding the perils of too much screen time, the joys of outdoor activities, the happiness of spending time with your family and friends playing indoor games, dancing & reading together.

Bringing Back Grandpa for 8-12 years


Usborne Pop up Dinosaurs book recommended by Divya for 3- 6 yrs
Usborne Peep Inside Dinosaurs – 3-5 yrs
Usborne Very First Questions and Answers Are Dinosaurs Real? – 3-5 yrs
Usborne Lift-the-flap Questions and Answers about Dinosaurs 5-8 years

TOO MUCH STUFF by award winning Emily Gravett

TOO MANY CARROTS recommended by Sherry.

The Polar Express: 35th Anniversary Edition

NEVER GET BORED BOOK IS ANOTHER BESTSELLER for 3 yrs+ . Shipra as well as Sabah have shared wonderful reviews in our fb group.

AWESOME BOOK SERIES BY ADAM FROST – for 6 years+ These are superhit books for kids who love trivia and interesting stuff to read up on!! Highly recommended by all of our parents who have even one book from the series!

Activity Books by Target Publications – recommended by kbc member Sugandhi.


USBORNE LOOK INSIDE YOUR BODY – a must must have for 3-7 years. This book is a huge bestseller/blockbuster with our #kbcchildoos ! All of our parents can’t stop recommending this book!

USBORNE LOOK INSIDE A HOSPITAL – Sakshi Kohli highly recommends this book!

Flowers to Spot (Usborne Minis). There’s a whole series called Usborne Minis that comes with Stickers!

LET’S READ AND FIND OUT SCIENCE SERIES 1 is apt for 3.5-8 years.
LET’S READ AND FIND OUT SCIENCE SERIES 2 is apt for 5-8 years.
Both of these series are huge bestsellers and both parents and kids love all the topics covered. Highly highly recommended.

THE VEGGIES WE EAT AND THE FRUITS WE EAT by Gail Gibbons , – Apt for 4-8 years, all of Gail Gibbons’ books are hot favourites with our non-fiction little and big fans. Achira was looking for something that gives some more information on fruits and veggies like which season one gets them etc in the form of a story. And of course many recos pointed to Gail Gibbons!

PICTUREPEDIA (DK) – An encyclopedia on every page! Gauri highly recommends this for 5 years+

This is one book which has mesmerized not only my boy but even my hubby and me. My boy has always been fond of reading encyclopedia but the heavy text sometimes gets difficult for him to comprehend and needs our help. This is one book where images are more and the information is to the point and easy to understand. And the quality of the images is extremely clear and amazing.A large number of topics have been covered with crisp and easy to understand description and loads of pictures.If your childoo is an encyclopaedia lover like mine then this book is a must have.

Encyclopedia: Amazing Questions & Answers by Om Books for 4-8 years are very popular and affordable. They get ordered often.
A bookset of 12 is also available which makes a good gift.

EVERYTHING SPACE (NAT GEO) – highly recommended by our parents who have space lovers at home!

India’s Space Adventure (Let’s Find Out) – for 7 yrs+

IMAGIMAKE MAPOLOGY – bestseller to introduce kids to countries, capitals, continents

The Magic and Mystery of Trees (Royal Horticulture Society)

CLASSMONITOR LEARNING KITS – Some of our parents highly recommend these to assist in home learning.

INDIA AT THE OLYMPICS! for 7 yrs Achira highly recommends this book!

FOR MATHS ENTHUSIASTS – STUART J MURPHY’S INNOVATIVE BOOKS COME HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! They come in different levels for different age groups starting from 3.5 years+.

Stuart J Murphy’s Maths Start 1 3.5 years-6 years
Stuart J Murphy’s Maths Start 2
Stuart J Murphy’s Maths Start 3

Khushboo Shah has Double the Ducks from maths start 1 and recommends it for 3.5 years+

Simple Maths – Wipe & Clean Workbook With Free Pen+Uppercase Alphabet- Wipe & Clean Workbook With Free Pen (Set Of 2 Books)

Chhota Bheem Gurukool: Let’s Make Maths Fun

Peppa Pig: Hide-and-Seek: A Search and Find Book

1. FITZROY READERS BOOKS 1-10 – very very popular and highly recommended – we have heaps of reviews and videos of how our kbc childoos have started reading independently with this series.

2. Jolly Kids Story Time Phonics Book Series 1 (Set of 10) – we have many awesome reviews of this set in the group.

3. Boonde Phonics Flash Cards for Kids – highly recommended by Anuradha. To quote her:

So I got these flash cards on Asha’s recommendation and they turned out to be exactly what I wanted! My daughter is 3 years old and I have enrolled her for virtual phonics classes. However much we know online is the way right now and for God knows how long, I still am a firm believer of personal touch that in person classes provides. But this was the only option to keeping her engaged and channeling her energy constructively for an hour each day. I wanted some aids for phonics for myself because I have never learnt them. I have begun with them today and was pleasantly surprising that they use small letters, which makes it twice the worth.

4. BOB Books come highly highly highly recommended!

POEMS TO PERFORM by Julia Donaldson for 5-7 years. Many of our members have this book and highly recommend it for school performances.

WHERE DO CLOTHES COME FROM – for 4-7 years recommended by Shipra & Amardeep.

A SAREE FOR AMMI (this book by Tulika comes in many regional languages) is a heartwarming book. Amardeep recommends it for 3-7 years.

The JerryMaya Detective Agency series for 7-9 years published by Scholastic. Asha’s daughter used to read them when she was this age.

THE 7 HABITS OF HAPPY KIDSFor 7 years+ Highly recommended by Achira,

There is a 7 habits tree and each habit has been explained through a lovely story. Easy to comprehend for the young readers. And trust me..great great life lessons! There is a parent’s corner after every story. While D is enjoying the stories am trying to hep him understand the importance of each habit. Am totally loving this. It so resonates with what I want my kids to learn while growing up!

USBORNE SEE INSIDE YOUR BODY – For 7-10 yrs. – Kanika highly recommends it.

The book is really good. The flaps add the fun element to the book. Illustrations are excellent and help in explaining things. This is one book that I suggest that the children read first and then sit with adults to understand each page.


UNLOCK YOUR WORD POWER Recommended highly by Seema Ambi and Priya Babre for improving vocab.


Wonder House Pratham Hindi Varnmala: Early Learning Padded Board Books for Children (My First Padded Books) 


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