Aug 312021
Breaking Stereotypes Starts at Home #kbcpinkooshergill
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I am Deeksha. I am 11 years old and this is my story entry for the #kbcpinkooshergill contest

Many of you would have learned about heroes in storybooks or movies. But I have been lucky. I have met a hero in my life, but this hero doesn’t wear a cape. He is my dad.  My father is my one and only hero. He is unlike any other father I have met. He is loving, caring, and helpful. He is not just being an amazing father but being an incredible husband. I have grown up watching my dad: clean the house, cook, do the dishes, bathe my dog, dry clothes, shop vegetables, drive me to playdates, take me to school and go to the office. I have always seen only mothers coming to the PTM’s, but that’s not the case with me. My father always comes to the parent-teacher meetings, annual days, sports days. He is the kindest, funniest and craziest father ever. He has never missed any of my events. He has never stopped me from doing what I want just because I am a girl.

I did not realize that he was breaking gender stereotypes because I did not know life any other way. In my house, we share work based on how much time and energy each one of us has after a day’s hard work. My parents share all of their work, and I have never seen them talk about gender-specific roles.

When I was eight months old, I was admitted to the hospital as I was sick. My father was the only one who stayed at the hospital. I have heard stories about how only a mother will stay back to take care of the children. But my dad has always shattered prejudices and stereotypes.

My dad is my role model. What I like most about him is the fact that he never brags about the contributions he makes. He says that is how any family is supposed to be. I feel not taking credit for all this is also a way of breaking gender stereotypes. Am I right?

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