Aug 032020
Fighting The Bully, BFF (Brave Friends Forever)! #kbcBFF
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This is my 8 year old daughter’s entry for the #kbcBFF contest.

Pls note: Names are changed owing to privacy concerns.


Tttrrrrriiiiinnnnnggggggggg rang the bell. It was lunch break. My BFF Siddhi and I went to the restroom. It was my turn and I went inside as Siddhi waited outside for me. Once done, I tried to open the door. But I was shocked to find that the door was locked from outside! I shouted “SIDDHI, SIDDHI” and asked her to open the door. Siddhi said- “Wait PRAGATHI , she’s telling something important. WAIT.”

I wondered who is that “she”? Why is Siddhi not opening the door.

I was waiting impatiently. After sometime Sidhs (that’s how I love to call her) came and opened the door. Immediately after she opened the door, I asked her- “Why didn’t you open the door? Did you lock the door?” Siddhi said – “No Prags (I love it when Sidhs calls me so), a girl from III “D” class came and locked the door and she didn’t let me open the door too.” She also added that the girl shoved her and went away.

I felt so sorry for Siddhi and angry towards the III standard girl.

We both then went to our class and narrated everything to our class teacher Ms. Pradeepa ma’am. Even our classmates were listening to us. They also felt sorry for both of us. Our ma’am told us to bring that girl to the class. We both went to her class. Siddhi just knew that girl’s class from her identity card. We didn’t know her name. So, we went to their class and identified that girl. We then narrated everything again to her teacher and got permission to bring her along to our class teacher.

We three came to our class and our Pradeepa ma’am scolded the girl for bullying us. Siddhi stood scared seeing ma’am scold the girl. We held each other’s hand and stood together watching her.

We felt pity too for that girl but what she did was wrong.

Our ma’am also advised the girl not to bully anyone again and left her with a warning. We loved that our ma’am always stood by our side and protected us.

We always feel safe while Pradeepa ma’am is around.

The girl left for her class. We sighed. We smiled looking at each other. We went back to our desks, giggling, as ma’am started with the class again.

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