Aug 022020
2+1=3, Yippee!!! #kbcBFF
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Hello all, I am posting this story for the #kbcBFF contest on behalf of my 7 yr old child.

This story is about my bestest friends. They are twins and I call them P n P. We are together ever since they were born and I was in my mummy’s tummy.

They are 8 months older to me but they are my best friends. We have done so many things together. Dinners, parties, outings and also going to the temple.

But out of all the things, God did the best thing to get us in the same school. I was so happy to see them in my school on the first day. We also shared the same class.

Once on mother’s day we had a celebration in school. I cried and howled to be with my friends because their mother chose to sit in another class that day. My mummy had a very bad time to calm me down.

Whenever it’s their birthday, all the 3 of us cut the cake together.

On my 5th birthday the first piece of cake was only for them. Everyone had a hearty laugh at the party over my love for them. We fight, cry, get upset but we still love to be with each other. I feel we are inseparable. I blush when I hear their name and I love them because they are as naughty as I am.

This lockdown has not allowed us to meet but we use zoom to meet and do masti. I love u “P n P”

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