Jul 222020
Let’s Celebrate School Friendships with #kbcBFF Contest!
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Our Coronalife has been tough and we’ve realised the only thing that’s keeping our kids sane is their books!! Since most children are Back to Online School now and are missing their friends, especially their school friends since March 2020, we thought of bringing you an interesting way to celebrate School Friendships!

Presenting The #kbcBFF Contest – a unique way to Celebrate School Friendships this Friendship Day!

This year, instead of Friendship Bands, celebrate your friendships through a Story! Write a story, dedicate it to any of your school friends and share it with us here! Not only does your story make a unique friendship gift, but also it might win you a wonderful book authored by Arti Sonthalia!!


We have selected 4 topics (based on the acclaimed books authored by Arti Sonthalia) that children can choose from and share their true stories around them. We welcome real names, but names can also be changed to protect privacy if deemed more appropriate.

i) How you met your BFF at school.

ii) How you taught a school bully a lesson with your friend/s.

iii) How one of your school friends inspired other kids to read interesting books.

iv) An interesting story around one of your sports-loving friends at school.

Length: Max 500 words
Please post your child’s story here on kidsbookcafe.com – the story should be in the child’s first person narration. Be sure to add at least one image. Use an interesting title unique to your story so it gets noticed immediately! Don’t forget to use the hashtag #kbcBFF in the title.



Thank you ever so much Arti Sonthalia for sharing 7 books a prizes for this campaign!
Big Bully And M-me (read review here)
Hungry to Read
Best Friends Forever (read review here!)
Hungry to Play  (read review here)


1) Please join our very engaged facebook group.

2) Sign up on kidsbookcafe.com

3) Add a post on the site sharing your child’s story from the above mentioned topics (stories should be your child’s original content and in your child’s first person narration) with at least one image.

4) Write a unique title. Use Hashtag #kbcBFF in the title as well.

5) Be sure to LIKE OUR FB PAGE in case you already haven’t! Share some love, people!!

6) Age group for participation: 5-14 years (Kids in this age group can participate and parents can post for them on the site. Kindly ensure the story is in the child’s first person narration).

Campaign Duration: July 22 – Aug 2, 2020 (EOD)

This is a WWRR contest – Write story, Win book, Read it, Review it! Which means, winners who receive books will also have the privilege of posting a review of the book they won on kidsbookcafe.com!


1) Only one entry (story) per child.

2) Only children living in India can participate (as shipping books abroad is not viable in Covid-19 times). If the child lives abroad, but has a local Indian address of a relative where the prize can be sent, then he/she is most welcome to participate.

3) If the content of any post does not meet the editorial standards of kidsbookcafe.com, the post will not be approved. 

4) The Author and Team Kids Book Café retain the right to choose winners of the contest and their decision is final.

In case you have any queries at all – please write to asha@kidsbookcafe.com.

Here’s to Raising Readers Together! And celebrating the Best Friendships Forever!!

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