Jul 232020
Together, Forever. #kbcBFF
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I’m posting this on behalf on my 9 year old son, Aryaveer as a part of the #kbcBFF Contest.

Together, Forever.

I got admission in school in the year 2015. I was 4 years old and in class pre- nursery.

Our teacher used to make us sit together because we have our roll numbers together.

I liked talking to her and sharing my food with her. She used to speak very good English and I got to learn a lot from her initially.

Her name is Amaira Khurana but since I was funny back then, I came home one day and told my mumma that I have a very good friend, her name is Amaira Purana.

She then corrected me saying her surname would be Khurana and not Purana. For so many days, I believed that it was Purana only :).

This is our first picture together from our class assembly which happened in Pre Nursery class.

I used to talk a lot about her at home and I am sure she also did the same.
Then our mommies met at PTM one day and they exchanged numbers.

We used to sit together often in class and gradually all other kids got to know that we are best friends.

We came to Pre Primary class in 2016 and all other classmates told the teachers that they are best friends so please don’t make them sit together.

They were probably jealous.

Now we are in Class 4 and it happens every year that on the very first day of school, class teacher is informed about our friendship and we don’t get to sit together at all. But we manage to sit together at the school dispersal time as we both take the same school bus. Also on Unit Tests day, we get to sit together.

Her favourite colour is pink and she loves Frozen. We like visiting each other’s home so we can play for hours. Our mommies have also become very good friends now so we get to meet often and play. We also joined a speech and drama class together in January but due to Covid 19, we have left that for the moment.

Even in lockdown, she managed to come to my birthday for a few hours and I was so happy. Since we cannot meet often now, we like to play Ludo or Snakes and Ladders online. Sometimes we talk over Whatsapp calls.

She is my bestest friend and will always be…

By: Aryaveer Chugh

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