Jul 272020
We Got It Done Together! #kbcBFF
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I am posting this on behalf of my 8.5 years old daughter *Prisha as an entry to the #kbcBFF contest.

We got it done Together!

I still remember this particular incident happened when I was in 2nd standard.

One afternoon in our school me and my gang of girls were playing some games during our ZERO period. A movie called Shaun The Sheep was being played on digi board and our class teacher Ms. *Julie was busy checking some worksheets. My bestest friends were with me *Lilly and *Milly.

Then suddenly we heard a loud noise of fighting (but not so loud that our teacher could hear). When we turned around we saw *Rohit was being hit by *Babloo the bully. We had enough of his bullying because he had hit many of our decent friends. We made a list of friends he had bullied and made him to say sorry.

He said sorry to all of our lovely friends. The next day we saw a big change in Babloo. Now Rohit and Babloo are BFFs.

I drew the scene as I remember this whole incident

*all names have been changed to protect privacy of individuals mentioned in this true story.

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