Jul 272020
The Silent Night
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A verse/poem that I wrote years back- sharing with you all! I created this watercolour to go with it…

The Silent Night

When the night is dark, beeeze so cold and the paths so vacant,
Somewhere a soul full of pain is lying fully awake with the sleep so distant.

His eyelids are heavy with sleep and fatigue,
But the memory of her face with two dancing eyes and that endearing smile denies him any sleep.

Every new dawn, brings back for him a hope that she will be back,
But hope is all that comes and dies in the night – for Him, hoping has become a futile task.

Absence of that person has made his life so hollow,
as it the peace and calm of sea were swayed away by a billow.

He gazes out of the window, into the moonlit sky,
Praying to god to allay his pain, giving it a last try.

God is almighty, with us he plays games,
His only constant rule being, nothing stays forever and neither does the pain.

Leaving all to god, he finally sleeps in peace, a peace that’s there to stay,
This faith is what will keep his going until his dying day.

Next day for him is a new day and new life,
With a firm belief in of god and all the worries kept aside.

He was having his bath when the doorbell rang,
It was early in the morning, he thought it will be the milkman.

He opened the door and got the most pleasent shock of his life,
Thinking it was a dream, he pinched himself to make sure he was alrite.

But it was neither a dream not a trick played by his sight,
She was standing on the door, looking just the same as their first time.

She didn’t say a thing but her eyes said it all,
Tears rolling down her cheek onto her almost wet shawl.

He took her in his embrace and apologised for the past,
She too accepted her faults and agreed to make a fresh start.

He took her inside with a new zest for life,
He wondered at the miracle of god but knew he cannot explain it even if he tried.


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