May 312021
Review: Sita’s Chitwan
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Title: Sita’s Chitwan

Author: Vaishali Shroff

Illustrator: Kalp Sanghvi

Type: Paperback

Age Group: 7-12 years

Publisher: Puffin

Welcome to Chitwan National Park! Nepal’s first National Park is home to 550 species of birds, animals, insects and trees.

The Story is about a confident and brave girl Sita, who is nature lover and wants to become a nature guide just like her baba. She loves to meet tourists and know more about their culture and the different languages they speak.

The story, very beautifully, teaches kids to slow down!!! 🙂 At this age, children like speed and miss important things in the journey. This book helps them understand the importance of slowing down and enjoying the journey without thinking of the final destination.

Brave Sita has an encounter with a mamma gainda and helps save a tourist with her confidence and remembering what her baba said. She understands the importance of listening to parents 🙂

Simple story that touched our heart <3

That’s not all, the book is a mini encyclopedia of Nepal’s Chitwan National Park – the history and geography of it. You get to learn so many facts about trees, animals, wildlife and professions related to the forest and wildlife (few of them I wasn’t aware of as well).

Not to miss, this story is inspired by ‘Doma Paudel’ – the first female nature guide in Chitwan. The book has a full fledged interview with her! Can you believe it??

One of the very few stories for 8 year old’s that can be enlightening and inspiring.

We enjoyed reading it and have read it everyday since last 6 days. That’s the power of this book. It has so much information packed, that it will be new and insightful for a 12 year old as well!

Highly recommended for an inspiring story, simple language and beautiful illustrations!!!

While reading, my little one made a few pictures from the book. We had conversations about nature, animals, trees, wildlife, sounds in forest and the list goes on and on.

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