Jun 042021
Celebrate Father’s Day by sharing your Giggi and Daddy Moments for the #kbcADayWithDaddy Contest!
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With Father’s Day around the corner, we just had to pump up the delight-meter! Being an equal parenting community, we believe dads play an important role in not only the reading journey, but the entire parenting journey as well. Reason why, we would like to celebrate our hands-on dads through their memorable parenting moments!

Presenting #kbcADayWithDaddy Contest:

We’re bringing you another exciting write-read-review contest on kidsbookcafe.com – this time with a big difference – it’s only for Dads and Childoos!

Contest Topic:

For Childoos: Write a real or fictional story about an interesting and memorable day you spent with your daddy.


For Daddies: Write a real or fictional story about an interesting and memorable day you spent with your childoo.

(inside page of Giggi and Daddy)

This is a write & review contest where THREE LUCKY KBC MEMBERS will win a copy each of Giggi and Daddy by Richa Jha, illustrated by Mithila Ananth and published by Pickle Yolk Books! Plus the opportunity to review the book! Only the bestest review will be published here on kidsbookcafe.com!

Contest Duration: June 5-19, 2021 (EOD)

#kbcADayWithDaddy Contest Details:

So here’s what you need to do:

1) Sign up on kidsbookcafe.com (If the dad’s wife is an existing member, she can post instead of him as well. But we’d prefer dad to post by himself!)

2) Add a post – share your story. Please mention whether it’s a real or fictional story or a bit of both! Be sure to add at least one image that you have clicked (please avoid using images from the internet).

Length: Max 1000 words

Only entries that are posted on kidsbookcafe.com will be considered.

3) Write a unique title with Hashtag #kbcADayWithDaddy and #ChildooAndDaddy (Creative liberty you all can take in the second hashtag – please replace “Childoo” with your child’s/children’s name/s and “Daddy” with what you are called! For eg #SudhaAndPapa.

4)  Criteria for participation: For residents of India only (as shipping abroad is an issue). Parents must be members of our super engaged Facebook Group. Only one entry per family!!

If you are a kbc member who lives abroad and have a local Indian address with folks willing to courier the copy to you (should you win a book), then please feel free to participate. Kindly mention that you live overseas while submitting your entry.

5)  #kbcADayWithDaddy Contest ends JUNE 19, 2021 (EOD), which means you need to post your entries here on kidsbookcafe.com by then.

(another inside page of Giggi and Daddy!)

The 3 most interesting stories will win! Like we already mentioned, winners will not only win a book each, but also get the opportunity to review the book!

Important note:  If the content of any post does not meet the editorial standards of kidsbookcafe.com, the post will not be approved. Team Pickle Yolk Books and Team Kids Book Café retain the right to publish reader-worthy content and choose winners of the campaign. Their decision is final.

More Father’s Day Surprises from Pickle Yolk Books!

We are proud to announce that Kids Book Café is Pickle Yolk Books’ new community partner! So, for the entire month of JUNE 2021, you can avail a special discount across ALL BOOKS published by Pickle Yolk Books on their website right here. Simply use our special coupon code KBC50 to get Rs 50 off each book you purchase!

Giggi happy, and so is Daddy!

For those of you who are new to the incredible picture books published by Pickle Yolk Books – most of them are award winning books with both global and national recognition.


KBC50 Coupon code is valid till June 30, 2021.

There is another contest planned in our private facebook group as well where two lucky dads will win a book each – so stay tuned for some more Giggi and Daddy awesomeness!


Many thanks to our Contest Partner Pickle Yolk Books for gifting us the joy of Giggi and Daddy as prizes for lucky winners!! And for the special discount offer on all of their books purchased from their website throughout the month of June! Thank you dear Richa Jha, for creating the most amazing books and for making our Father’s Day super special!

Happy, Happy Father’s Day!

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