Dec 292021

Review: Zayn & Zoey Encounter Honey Bees

Zayn gets stung by a honey bee. What follows is an interesting conversation between grandma and kids about various bee facts in the midst of cleaning, wiping and comforting Zayn’s swollen finger.

Dec 242021

Review: Zayn and Zoey Which Vehicle is it?

The book begins with one wheel rolling down the hill and then a clown using it as a unicycle for his performance. Each page spread adds another wheel and then provides examples for the same. This can actually be used to learn counting and adding in a simple way along with reading about different vehicles having different number of wheels.

Dec 242021

Review: Zayn & Zoey Seasons Activity Book

This book has the activities based on Seasons : Summer, Monsoon, Autumn, Winter and Spring. The activities are designed in such a manner that they help in inculcating a habit of independent learning.