May 302024

Let’s Talk About Kolams, With Keshav [Review]

‘Keshav’s Kolam’ presents a heartwarming story centered around Keshav’s mother’s daily Kolam-drawing ritual and the challenges they encounter when she falls ill. The narrative explores themes of family, tradition, and the remarkable strength of community.

Nov 042022


My heart was really touched when my son Avi and I first read about the bond that P T Usha, most famously known as the “Payyoli Express” shared with her coach and guru, Shri O M Nambiar in this book.

Jun 062021

Review: Harry Saves The Ocean!

Harry Saves the Ocean by N. G. K. and Sylva Fae, Illustrated by Janelle Dimmett, from the international bestselling series, Harry the Happy Mouse, teaches kids about the various issues of plastic pollution, why it is a big problem and how it impacts our marine life and oceans.

Apr 062021

Review : A Musical Road Trip

A Musical Road Trip by Shyama Panikkar is truly a beautiful road trip filled with fun and music. The best way to introduce little ones to the world of music for it introduces the Swaras or the 7 notes.

Mar 292021

Avyukth and his little friend. #kbcPetUntrouble

Initially Avyukth didn’t know that pigeons fly away when we go near them. He used to feel sad when the pigeons flew away. But after a few days, the pigeons starting trusting Avyukth and they used to sit and eat happily. He too understood that he should not scare them.