Nov 162023
Avi’s Kickoff Bingo #kbcBookBingoJr (3-6 years)
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There is a celebration happening every year in KBC and Bingo is it’s Name-O. Words can’t express how excited Avi and me are for finally participating in our first #kbcBookBingo2023. Thank you Asha di and KBC for bringing together this magic of books. We had fun searching through each book, reading them again and getting ready for our entry. Hope you all enjoy too.

1. A book with pirates – Disney Jake and The Never Land Pirates Mama Hook knows Best.

This funny book written by Sharon Osborne was gifted to us by Asha di. It is the story of Mama Hook who is like us mammas who goes on to teach her son James before he becomes Captain Hook the legendary pirate code through 3 super swashbuckling fables. Avi enjoyed the mishaps that Captain Hook commits and he surely learnt the pirate code.

2. A book with siblings – SNIP by Canato Jimo.

This wordless picture book is a story of Avi and Toto set in Nagaland. This was the book which helped my little man overcome his fear of haircuts. How these two siblings were having uninterrupted fun with scissors and the mishap that follows with them having different hairstyles. What I love about wordless picture books is that the story changes everytime as Avi weaves one out of his own imagination everytime we read.

3. A book with grandparents – Thukpa for All.

This beautiful book written by Praba Ram and Sheela Preuitt is a heart warming story which will surely warm up the cockles of your heart. A lovely story told from the blind child’s prespective, is set in Kashmir. It’s about how a little boy helps his grandmother make delicious Thukpa for all

4. A book by your favourite Indian Author – Ammachi’s Amazing Machines.

This book by Rajiv Eipe is a story about how an Ammachi (grandmother on malayalam) is self sufficient with the machines and gadgets she had made herself like pulley, wedge and so on. Sooraj wants to eat coconut barfi and how he along with his Ammachi end up making delicious coconut barfi’s. Avi was behind my mother to make coconut barfing after reading this which my mom ended up making too😁

5. A book by Mark Sperring – Dino-Mummy

This super adorable book is about how it’s not easy being a dino mummy who has to take care of her two little dinos but how she makes it look easy peasy. Read on to find how her morning looks, how she is the star of haywire and so on. I could so relate to this book as we all work hard like dino mummy, isn’t it?. We all have some dino mommies in our life too.

6. Any Indian language book – Kochu Kumbarkarnan (Malayalam edition of Junior Kumbhakarana).

We all know the story of Kumbarkarnan, isn’t?? This book is an adaptation of an episode from Ramayana. Written by Arundhati Venkatesh, this is the story about a small boy named Kukku who wants to hear the same story during his bedtime. He loves the story of Kumbarkarnan and that’s how the story unfolds. The illustrations are just perfect and we love this book.

7. A book set outdoors or in nature – We Travel So Far.

This mind blowing book depicts the incredible journey’s undertaken by animals and birds under the land, air and water. The author describes some breathtaking migrations of around 25 animals. It was wonderful learning about how humming birds travel as far as 12000 kilometers every year or how Bar-headed Geese are the highest fliers. Must have book for all non-fiction lovers.

8. A book about bugs – Kew: Lift and Look Bugs.

This was our first non-fiction book. A cute lift the book written by Tracy Cottingham which shows bugs on every page from the buzzing bees to the stag beatles. The illustrations are just colourful and Avi was still is crazy about all creepy crawling creatures and he surely loves this book.

9. A book set in winter – The Polar Express.

Written by Chris Van Allsburg, this book which was later adapted as a movie too, is one of our favourite Christmas reads. This book will be loved by both adults and kids alike. This book is a story about a little boy who has his dream come true moment when he boards the Polar Express to visit the North Pole to see Santa and receives the Christmas Gift too. Find out what he asks for and what then happens once you read this gorgeous book. The illustrations in this book are just like a painting.

10. A biography – Little People, Big Dreams: Mother Teresa.

We love the books from the Little People, Big Dreams series and Avi’s favourite is Mother Teresa. How a little girl from Albania named Agnes becomes a nun and was determined to help people. She later came to be known as Mother Teresa who visited India and began caring for everyone who needed help. The illustrations are bright and rich in colour and perfect for introducing such inspiring people to young children. I love the biographical timeline in the end with original pictures of Mother Teresa

11. A book set in different country – All Aboard for the Bobo Road.

Through this book, one can travel to Bobo Road which is one of the most beautiful roads in the world. Fatima and Galo board the Minibus with their father as the driver and are ready for a colourful journey through Burkinafasa, West Africa. We can spot some beautiful places like Lake Tengrela, Karfiguela Falls, the Domes of Fabedougou, Forest of Mou and finally reach Bobo. Perfect book for some counting activity too.

12. A book about someone making the best out of sticky situation – Tom’s Magnificient Machines

Tom and his dad loved making things especially things that move. But then his dad loses his job and finally his house and Tom lost his fellow inventor. Tom had to do something to save his dad and house and he finally comes up with great idea which the world had not seen yet. Will they succeed?? Do read and find out. Wonderful story depicting a lovely father-son bond, their “not to give up in the face of challenges” attitude and how love and imagination work wonders.

13. A Book with a bird on the cover – Puffin Peter.

This is a story about two friends Puffin and Peter. What happens when a storm blows up and Peter is separated from Paul. A kind whale who offers help to find Paul and the descriptions given by Peter to describe Paul to the whale. Will Peter be able to find Paul?? A good picture book to teach our little ones the meaning of friendship and kindness.

14. A non-fiction book – Who’s hiding on the River?

Many animals are hiding in the river. Lift the flaps to find out where they are hiding and what they are doing from morning till night. This book has over 20 flaps to flip and will surely be loved by toddlers. Each flap has some good piece of information. We learnt about various water animals.

15. An Inspring Book – Free as a Bird, the story of Malala.

We have all heard about Malala Yousafzai. How fearlessly she fought against her enemy and continues to fight for women’s equal rights. This is her story. The strong bond between Malala and her father was beautifully presented. Good book to introduce little ones to the very inspiring Malala, who she was and what happened to her.

One child. One Teacher, One Pen and One Book can change the world.

This is my favourite line from the book.

16. A book that helped address an issue – The Kissing Hand.

This sweetest book helped us when Avi had separation anxiety. He used to be in tears during his initial school days and this book helped us a lot. Chester Raccoon didn’t want to go to school and how his mother had a secret to make his school days warmer. Can you guess what’s that?? Yes, a kiss on the palm which he could carry wherever he goes. Wonderful isn’t? We still do this everyday before Avi leaves for school and it gives him a reassurance that his mom is with him throughout the day.

17. A book published by Parragon Publishing – Tell the Time.

“Why do we need to tell time?” is a question I always get asked by Avi. This book is just perfect to teach time as an abstract concept to the little ones. Avi is too curious about what does the big hand mean and what does the small hand do? With step by step approach this book helps children to learn the concept of time

18. A book with a human-animal duo – We all went on Safari.

We love this counting book which introduces little ones to counting in Swahii, language of Maasai Tribe in Tanzania as well as English. This is a story of how a group of Maasai Children go on a Safari in Tanzania and how they spot different animals and count along. We get transported to the grasslands of Tanzania with the captivating illustrations. I love the additional information about the facts of Tanzania, its animals, the Maasai Tribe, their Swahii Names and counting details too. Published by Barefoot books, this is one of our most loved books.

19. A book with a vegetables name in the title – The Runaway Pea.

This funny book is about a peaceful pea, who when it’s time for dinner, wants to have fun and runs away in search of excitement. We loved reading the mischievous adventures of this little pea. It’s a great book to help little ones to eat their peas too. This hilarious rhyming book is a great story with loads of fun.

20. The book with the letter Z in the title – India A to Z, An Alphabetical Tour of Incredible India.

As the title says, it’s introduces all things India. A is for Aadhaar, B is for Bazaar and so on in an Alphabetical Order, Indian version. This book is packed with information. Avi enjoys reading small parts and we use this book extensively right before we travel. It’s a must have book which has literally everything about India.

21. A second hand book – Handa’s Surprise.

This lovely story is set in Kenya. It is written by Eileen Browne. It is story about a girl named Handa who wanted to share some delicious fruits with her friend Akeyo. She passes through the forest as she sets off for Akeyo’s village and on the way she loses her fruits unknowingly which are stolen by naughty animals. What will she finally give Akeyo? Find out as you read this book with vibrant illustrations. This book teaches little ones about Africa, different fruits found there, different animals found there and of course the importance of friendship.

22. A book with stars on the cover – Usborne Lift the Flaps Very First Question and Answers – What are Stars?

From the time we have read about planets, Avi has been curious to know more about sun, moon and stars as he sees them everyday. There is no other perfect book to introduce and learn more about stars than this amazing book. It has every information abo

ut stars like What are Stars?, Which Stars is the Nearest? and so on. And when it’s Lift the Flaps, it’s just perfect for little astronomers. This book answers questions in a simple manner and illustrations are perfect for little ones to learn about stars.

23. A book about books – Bunny Loves to Read.

Like all our KBC childoos, Bunny loves to read. He enjoys reading about princes, pirates, witches and wizards. His sister and friends call him to play but he wants to complete the book he is reading before playing. They think reading is boring. But when it starts to rain and all are stuck inside, each of his friends gets introduced to books and they start reading and enjoying them. Even after the rain stops, they continue reading. Finally they agree that books are really awesome. This book highlights why reading can be fun.

24. A book with a villain- Supertato, Carnival Castastro-Pea!

It’s supermarket carnival time and Supertato and all veggie friends are getting ready for some fun. But someone is getting ready to spoil all the fun with a device that could suck the color out of everything. Can Supertato and veggies stop him from ruining the carnival? Read this hilariously funny book to know about it. We always enjoy reading this exciting book and end up laughing and laughing. The illustrations are bright and colourful enough to capture the attention of little ones.
There are lots of other fun books in this Superato series.

25. A book that has a royal character- The Queen’s Handbag.

This gorgeous book is about how the Queen’s handbag is swooped by a naughty swan and how the queen ends up chasing it through various landmarks of UK in various modes of transport. Does she get the handbag back? Read on to find out. This book is a sequel to the funny book, The Queen’s Hat (Asha has this one and vouches for how engaging it is!). It also helps in introducing little ones to UK geography and history. There is an entire series by the author called THE QUEEN COLLECTION!

26. A book that focus on cooking – Rainbow Sambar.

Lunch in our household is incomplete without Sambar. This cute little story book from Pratham Books is written by Mathangi Subramanian and illustrated by Antra Khurana. Join Pati (grandma) and Bhavya as they make yummy Rainbow Sambar for Lunch. The illustrations are so colourful and one can’t resist the temptation to make delicious Sambar after reading this story.

27. The most engaging Activity Book – Totally Awesome Search and Find

Activity books are our all time favourites and we use them when are bored or when we are travelling or when we wait at the restaurant or when we can’t play outdoors. This is Avi’s most favourite Activity book. With over 500 things to spot, it keeps him entertained for long. This book. published Parragon Publishing, is good for developing concentration and creativity.

28. A book you often gift – To Market, To Market.

This is one of the most favourite books of Avi and I know it will be enjoyed by kids aged 2+ for it’s rhyming nature with different sounds. This books always reminds me of the weekend market trips with my granny and now with my mother. When her mother gives her girl pocket money on their trip to local market, she is not sure what to buy though. But as she enters the market they enjoy passing through each lane. She realises that everything does not have to be brought to be enjoyed.

29. A early chapter book you enjoyed – The Bike Lesson.

This hilarious book written by Stan and Ian Bernstein is our first chapter book at the beginner level. Father bear gifts Small bear a bike and teaches him how to ride them safely but father bear always lands in trouble. He seriously needs to take notice of lessons more than small bear. Avi couldn’t stop laughing as we read this. This took me back to the times when I learnt how to ride a bike. Super funny book.

30. A book you got from KBC recommendations – The Lights that Dance in the Night.

This gorgeous book by Yuval Zommer is a must read for young and old alike. What if we cannot catch the glimpse of the Northern Lights in real, this book has made it possible to watch them through it’s stunning illustrations. How animals as well as humans are equally happy to watch these lights. Lovely book to introduce the magic of Northern lights to little ones.

Signing off with this note – Happy Reading Everyone❤️

ADDED BY ASHA: Reading Makes You Feel Good (Todd Parr Classics) Avi has done a brilliant read aloud in the kbc fb group here!

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