Aug 142021

Review: Huberta’s Big Surprise

Huberta is a cute Hippopotamus and she likes to surprise everyone, but sometimes goes over board with them!

May 312021

Review: Sita’s Chitwan

Welcome to Chitwan National Park! Nepal’s first National Park is home to 550 species of birds, animals, insects and trees. The Story is about a confident and brave girl Sita, who is nature lover and wants to become a nature guide just like her baba. She loves to meet tourists and know more about their culture and the different languages they speak.

Mar 292021

The book gives the readers a glimpse of the life of Stephen Hawking in the simplest possible way. It takes them through his struggle, his determination to fights all the odds and to discover the mysteries of the world. The illustrations are vivid and cute, and the language is simple and gripping.

Jun 282019

Review: The Kane Chronicles

Books: The Kane Chronicles Author: Rick Riordan Type: Paperback Age group: 12-16 years [Note: This review has been written by Siddharth who is 11 years old and posted by Priyadarshani, his mom who manages his…Continue Reading