Mar 292021
Review: It’s An Amazing Universe: A Story Inspired by Stephen Hawking
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Title: It’s An Amazing Universe

Author: Arthy Muthanna Singh

Type: Paperback

Age group: 4-8 years

This is a wonderful book by Arthy Muthanna Singh (Author), Mamta Nainy  (Author), Nirzara Verulka (Illustrator)

When I picked up this book after seeing recommendations in the groups, I was a bit skeptical about the content and wondered if my 5 year old would love it.

But then over the years I have experimented with books for my daughter and have realised that there are a few books which might not click right away, but for the avid and voracious little readers that we are raising, eventually they would read anything and everything they would find.

On this positive thought, I read the book to my daughter and surprisingly she loved it.

The book gives the readers a glimpse of the life of Stephen Hawking in the simplest possible way. It takes them through his struggle, his determination to fights all the odds and to discover the mysteries of the world. The illustrations are vivid and cute, and the language is simple and gripping.

My daughter loved the illustrations and was curious to know more about Stephen Hawking which resulted in me showing her the real time photos and videos of Stephen Hawking.

So, I would say, I am happy I picked up the book and could make her aware of Stephen Hawking and his determination to succeed.

If nothing, it definitely widens her horizon of awareness.

Recommend for 4+ years and a beautiful read.

Note : I have ordered other books in the Little Leaders series (product bundle of 4 available too) and will be reviewing them soon.

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Happy Reading!!!

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