Mar 292021

The book gives the readers a glimpse of the life of Stephen Hawking in the simplest possible way. It takes them through his struggle, his determination to fights all the odds and to discover the mysteries of the world. The illustrations are vivid and cute, and the language is simple and gripping.

Jun 182019

Cat Traps

Book:  Cat Traps Author: Molly Coxe Type: Paperback Ages: 3-6 years What readers like about this book: For an early reader, what’s more satisfying than to be able to read a book about a cat…Continue Reading

Feb 142019

Freight Train

*Award Winner! Book: Frieght Train Author: Donald Crews Type: Paperback Ages: 2-6 years What readers like about this book: Donald Crews is known to use simple, yet impactful, rhythmic words with bold illustrations that are…Continue Reading