Mar 182019
Review: Fantastic Mr Fox
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Book: Fantastic Mr Fox

Author: Roald Dahl

Type: Paperback

Ages: 6-9 years

This is written on behalf of my daughter Ankita (age: 9 yrs) – she just finished reading this book. So, in her words with a little help from me.

We have always known foxes for their cunningness and this story by Roald Dahl is about Mr. Fox who is clever, smart and fantastic. He and his family live in an underground hole beneath a tree in the woods. He has some interesting neighbours like a badger, moles and rabbits who live under the same old tree.

Everyday Mr Fox creeps into the farms of farmers named Boggis, Bunce and Beans who live in the valley and steals chickens, ducks, turkeys and cider from them to feed himself and his family. He is clever and his sharp sense of smell and direction helps him a lot. One day the three farmers who are extremely fed up with Mr Fox and his smart stealing tactics, decide to kill him but manage to just rip off his tail.

Thereafter an unending battle starts where the farmers camp near Mr Fox’s hole and try whatever they can to bring Mr Fox out of his hole. They even wait there for days so that he starves and comes out. But Mr Fox whose family and friends are near starvation, thinks of a fantastic plan to survive.

Read this story to find out who wins this battle in the end and how!! This book will be best appreciated by children who are 6-9 years old as they will find it exciting and adventurous. The language is easy to understand and font, easy to read.

Other popular books by Roald Dahl (Dahl Fiction) are George’s Marvellous Medicine (read review here), Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The BFG, The Witches, Danny the Champion of the World, Matilda and more. We plan to read The Magic Finger next!

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