Apr 042021
My Fear of Dogs. #kbcPetUntrouble
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This story is my daughter’s entry for the #kbcPetUntrouble Contest.

This is a story about me, Aishaanya Kesharwani. I am 8 years old. This incident happened about 2 years ago.

I was at my uncle’s house learning how to play badminton. While playing badminton I mistakenly hit a street dog named Sheru. Sheru started barking and bit me at the back of my shoulder. My grandmother applied balm on the dog bite and I rested a little.

At night my mother, father, cousin brother, sister and of course I went to the clinic nearby. I was shocked and scared to know that I needed to take 4 injections!!! 😣😰😭. From then I had a terrible fear of dogs.

Few days later I was visiting another cousin in Bhopal only. My parents told me that he had a dog as a pet and his name was Johny. I was frightened to hear that!!😨 

After some days with him I realized that he was really friendly!! 😘 So, I made friends with Johny and observed that he did not bite at all!!! From then I learned that dogs only bite when they are upset and if you don’t upset them, then why will they bite at all??

From then I have been pleading my mom for a dog but since it is a lot of responsibility, I decided I will own a puppy when I am 10, 11 or 12-years old. 😍 

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