Apr 052021

Let me tell you a secret, my mom is petrified of dogs and unlike my mom I am a brave girl. I am only a little scared of dogs. So let me tell you a short story about a dog who I was never scared of, my dearest friend Mithu.

Apr 052021

The Language of Love #kbcPetUntrouble

Papa saw a common Myna sitting outside his office window. He thought she must be thirsty and he simply kept his bottle’s cap (with water in it), outside the window. Initially she flew away but she came back and drank. This kept on for some days till Papa offered her biscuits and she ate them too, but because there was very narrow space outside that window Papa had to keep the biscuits inside and to his surprise she came in and took them!

Apr 042021

My Fear of Dogs. #kbcPetUntrouble

I was at my uncle’s house learning how to play badminton. While playing badminton I mistakenly hit a street dog named Sheru. Sheru started barking and bit me at the back of my shoulder.