Apr 042021
A Fishy Story… #kbcPetUntrouble
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This is the story from my 6.5 year old daughter Arunima Chakraborty for the #kbcPetUntrouble Contest.

Three years back , when I was a little kid, I wished for a pet…I went to my Mumma and Papa and asked them, “Mumma, Papa, “Can I have a pet, pleaseeeeeee?”

Mumma said, “Let me think about it”. Then I asked again, “Can I have pet fish please?”

Mumma said, “Wait for some time!”

But Papa said, “We will try,”

I requested them to get just one Pet Fish. After few days I went to Mumbai to visit my Uncle, Aunt and my cousin sister for some days. But when I came back home to Pune, there was big surprise waiting for me. My papa bought not only one fish but he got many beautiful colourful fish in a large aquarium. I was very very happy.

Now I don’t have just one pet fish but so many pet fish who are my friends too….

Thank you Mumma Papa for such wonderful surprise!!!!!

Three years back….. Yipeeee!!!! I have pets now …….
And this is me, my brother and our fish today !!! 🙂

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