Feb 242019
Review: George’s Marvellous Medicine
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Book: George’s Marvellous Medicine

Author: Roald Dahl


Ages: 7-10 years

I bought this bestseller by Roald Dahl for my daughter and it was she who recommended that even I read it.

I usually read my daughter’s books to once again get that childhood feel, but somehow was never eager to read this one as I thought that it’s apt for small kids only. But when my daughter insisted, I not only ended up reading it twice but also started admiring Roald Dahl as one of those authors who can look into a child’s heart and brain and bring out the deepest of the deep sensitivities a child has. It also brings out the fact that childhood is that time of life when our imagination works at its best and our ability of putting our thoughts and ideas into action is almost immediate. Probably because one is not as afraid of the result or of failure as as adult is.

George, the main protagonist in this book has a horrid grandma who is a miserable grouch and a lady with a witch-like character. He day in and day out suffers from her hands. Her tone is sharp and words are poisonous.

One day when George’s parents leave him in charge of giving his Grandma her medicine, George comes up with a plan of making a marvellous medicine which helps him get rid of her forever.

This book is apt for 7-10 year olds as at this age they can relate with George very well. They will also enjoy how George takes up things in his own hands, plots and plans so well that in the end everything ends well for everyone in the family.

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