Feb 222019
This Moose Belongs To Me
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*Award Winner!

Book: This Moose belongs To Me

Author: Oliver Jeffers

Type: Paperback

Ages: 3-6 years

Synopsis of the book

What readers like about this book: This is an award winning book, by the acclaimed, multiple prize winner author, Oliver Jeffers, whose illustrations are unparalleled. This book is on a very unique topic of ownership – a very thought-provoking concept for this age group. A moose called Marcel who abides by ‘How to be a good Pet’ is a huge clincher!

Sharadhi’s review from our kbc fb group where she has shared some inside pages as well:

From the illustration on the cover to its last page, it’s very different from his usual as it’s over the landscape paintings by Alexander Dziquirski and draws you in, with nature .

A beautiful book about a boy named Wilfred who comes across a moose, gives it a name “Marcel” and calls it his own. Most of the time Marcel is a pretty obedient except at odd occasions. Wilfred thought Marcel was an excellent pet, until somebody else thought, Marcel belonged to them. Can you imagine what Wilfred would do next? This book is a great lesson for acceptance, compromise , imperfections in life, and attitude of humans over wild animals or pets with a deeper meaning of whether any of us really own anything?

Oliver Jeffers has written many other award winning books. They all can be found here on Amazon.

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