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Aprameya’s most read 30 – #kbcBookBingoToddler (0-3 years)
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We introduced books to Aprameya when he was 5 months old. He is 2 years and 3 months old now and we never imagined we would end up owning 100 plus books of his interest in such a short period! We stayed abroad for a short period and that’s when we started adding more to our book collection as most of the times we had to stay indoor and avoid screen time as well. Aprameya quickly started talking soon after we started reading and now can tell nearly 100+ names of birds and animals, all thanks to Books!

I am sharing a few of his favorites here, hope it inspires the newbies and young readers!

1. A Yellow Coloured Book – The Greedy Goat by Petr Horácek

This book is about a goat who gets bored of grass and goes on trying foods that are eaten by dogs, cats, pigs and ends up chewing even his human’s clothes! The book hilariously explains as what happens to goat because of his exploration of new food! I always quote this goat when Aprameya puts anything in his mouth which he is not supposed to!

2. Leaf or flower on the cover – Jo-Jo The Orangutan by Denise Thru and Juan Scaliter

We got this book for Aprameya when he started showing interest in picture books. This book speaks about the memories and emotions of a baby Orangutan when it gets separated from its mother and what happens thereafter. A book to teach why Orangutans are important! Aprameya loves to see the pictures of Orangutan, however gets a bit upset when I explain how the separated Orangutan suffers. A good book helpful for raising animal loving kids!

3. A book with siblings – Topsy and Tim go on an aeroplane by Jean and Gareth Adamson

This book is about the famous twins Topsy and Tim’s first time flying experience and one of the most read book in Aprameya’s collection! My kiddo loves aeroplanes and this book had actually created an expectation in him to look forward to a flight journey soon!

4. A book that features mom – Where is Baby’s Mommy by Karen Katz

We got this lovely lift a flap book when Aprameya was 7 months old. A simple book about a kid searching for his mommy all around the home and where he finds her finally. My personal favorite because Aprameya gives me a hug and says ‘I mow ooo amma’ everytime we finish reading this book. A must have for babies!

5. A book that features dad – Just Like You! by Jane Chapman

Not just for humans, but even for a mammoth, her dad is her super hero! Piccolo, the tiny mammoth enjoys playing in the warmth of her mom and dad and feels amazed to grow bigger. One day she sets out on a adventure with her dad, Pops to see something special! What she discovers and how amazing was her journey is the crux of the book. The only mammoth book we have and love it absolutely.

6. A bedtime book – Bedtime Little Ones by Claire Freedman and Gail Yerrill

Bedtime with the kids is a roller coaster not just for human, but for our furry friends too! This cute picture book reads about how our furry friends like squirrels, rabbits, etc tuck their little ones in to their beds after their bedtime routine. Aprameya hates sleeping but loves to see the cute pictures in this book every night!

7. Lift the flap book – Campbell’s I am starting nursery, illustrated by Marion Cockliko

We bought this book very recently after a recommendation from KBC. Aprameya will be starting playschool soon and I think this book will be of a great help to us to help settle him in playschool. Aprameya calls this book as Ben book and this book illustrates a small boy Ben’s first time nursery experience. The book shares a few tips to parents to help them ease kids anxiety about nursery. This book is on a repeat mode these days, we read it 2 to 3 times a day! I strongly recommend this for kiddos who are to begin school soon.

8. A Cat Book – I don’t like Gloria by Kaye Umansky and Margaret Chamberlain

Colin, the dog gets annoyed by the arrival of a cat named Gloria in to his family. Colin doesn’t like Gloria sharing everything and feels jealous about the importance the cat gets. Does Colin get along with the cat Gloria? That’s the rest of the story. Big and bold pictures make the book attractive for the little ones!

9. A book by Debi Gliori – Little Owl’s Egg

The baby owl starts to feel anxious about sharing its mother’s love when the mother owl lays a new egg. Refusing to accept a sibling, the baby owl goes on imagining various creatures to pop out of egg. Did the owl settle and accept its sibling? A good read to reassure your loved one about a mom’s everlasting love no matter how many ever siblings the kid has.

10. A book on first experiences- Usborne First Experiences Going to School illustrated by Stephen Cartwright

Yet another KBC recommendation which we bought recently in the light of preparing Aprameya for school. This book is about Percy and Polly, the twins going to school for the first time. Book illustrates a typical day in playschool, various activities and fun involved. A must have book if you have a kid who is going to begin schooling soon.

11. A book that makes you giggle – Gajapati Kulapati by Ashok Rajagopalan

If your kid is a crazy elephant lover, this book is a must have in his/her library! This Gajapati Kulapati book is about a sneezing elephant who gets wet in the rain. Hilarious illustrations with bright big pictures puts this book on a repeat mode for Aprameya. He waits for an opportunity to call us Gajapati if any of us sneezes at home! The book is called “gappati kupputi” in his language!

12. A book on big emotions – Owl Babies by Martin Waddell and Patrick Benson

A great book that helps to ease toddler’s separation anxiety. This book is one of the latest favorites of Aprameya and he just loves when I read it to him. I want my mummy is his favorite line in the book and whenever he sees our neighbor baby cries, he says that the baby is crying like baby owl. A great addition to our collection!

13. A book that was helpful in addressing an issue – Topsy and Tim go to Doctor by Jean and Gareth Adamson

My kid has a severe stranger anxiety, specially with his paediatrician. This book is about the famous twins Topsy and Tim visiting the doctor, the examination by the doctor and the recovery with the help of syrup prescribed. The book was of a great help to ease Aprameya’s fear about meeting the doctor.

14. A book that you love for the illustrations – ABC of Kindness by Joshua George and Gabi Murphy 

A perfect book which has wonderful bright pictorial illustrations for the alphabets A to Z. Each illustration is based on the concept of kindness like sharing, helping, supporting etc. Ideal book to be introduced to any age group kid.

15. A book by an Indian author – Gajapati kulapati Gurrburrrrooom by Ashok Rajagopalan

One of the 4 books in Gajapati kulapati series, this elephant book never fails to entertain the kid with big bold pictures and simple language. This particular book is about the elephant having a troubled stomach after eating variety of foods. Aprameya never gets bored of this book!

16. A book that has food in the title – Milo Goes Bananas by Benjamin Richards and Louise Forshaw

One fine morning, Milo, a monkey, realizes that it’s his best friend Mia’s (another monkey) birthday. What could be the bestest gift for monkeys other than bananas? Milo keeps hunting for the best banana in the world to gift his friend. Did he find one? Grab this book to find out! Aprameya goes crazy when he sees bananas, just like a monkey and this was a perfect gift for him!

17. A book with a stuffed animal – The Magical Toy Box by Melanie Joyce and James Newman Gray

Lucy’s colorful toy box comes to life at midnight when she is asleep. Led by the Teddy, all stuffed animals like elephant, hippo, giraffe and lots of other toys creep out of the toy box and enjoy a disco. The book has marvelous pictures that the kid will fall in love instantly!

18. A book about a day out with family – Daddy Pig’s Office by Ladybird

Our very first Peppa book. Peppa and George join Daddy pig and eagerly learn what each one does in the office, They figure out their favorite activity. A simple read it yourself book, a must have for peppa lovers!

19. A book that teaches an important lesson – The Lion Who wanted to Love by Giles Andreae and David Wojtowycz

We have almost all Giles Andreae’s books in our shelf, but this is one is our all time favorite. After all, we all want our kids to be kind to all and this book emphasizes that with a heartwarming story of a Lion who loves all creatures quite contrary to a lion’s nature. Aprameya calls this book Leo Book, the name of the little lion who loves to be kind.

20. Grown up’s favorite book in the house – A Moment Like This: A story of love between parent and child – by Ronne Randall

This book is very close to my heart just for the poetic illustrations about a parent-child’ everlasting love and attachment which is perfectly portrayed by beautiful heartwarming pictures of the animals with their young ones!

21. A hand-me down book you are attached to – Peter Rabbit My First Library

The set of four books is a great way to introduce your little one to shapes, words, colors and numbers – all in Peter Rabbit’s way! Subtle, gentle pictures of the books give a calm feeling to read them out to the babies. My favorite book in the shelf!

22. A book you tore – Roar by Margaret Mayo and Alex Ayliffe

From the authors of the famous Dig Dig Digging, this book Roar is a colorful illustration of the animals in the wild and the sounds they make! A book that got torn many times, but still our favorite!

23. A book that you have carried to bed and slept with – Peter Rabbit A Big Box of Little Books

Aprameya got this book when he was months baby and we use to collect the books shattered around on the bed after he slept. He still loves this bunch of books even at this 2.3 years! This box is a set of 9 small chunky books that speaks a line or two about each character that appear in the Peter Rabbit books/series. An ideal book for babies, but trust me even toddlers go mad about this!

24. A book written in rhyme – Moo Moo Mooing by Ben Whitehouse 

A very simple book which is about a cow visiting his friends in farm. Each animal’s sound is narrated in a rhyming way like cows goes moo-moo-mooing, chomping on the grass chew- chew-chewing. A funny book for toddlers and they would repeat after when you read it to them!

25. A book that your grandparent read to you – Rick: The Dog with a Difference

It’s ok to be different! That’s the crux of this book. Rick, the dog, is bored of fetching the sticks thrown to pick. He was visited by a duck who doesn’t like to swim and the duck takes him to other friends who are similarly unique and doesn’t follow the nature of their respective species. Aprameya loves reading this book with his grandfather. A book that teaches the kid to appreciate the difference in the nature of people.

26. A book that has food stains on it – The Ugly Duckling from Pat a Cake

Aprameya is a crazy duck lover who loves to see duck pictures and videos, loves to walk and quack like a duck all day! Thus far, the most favorite book of Aprameya is this Ugly Duckling. At times the duck on the cover is our testing rat to test and taste the foods before Aprameya takes a bite of it! If your kiddo loves ducks, this is a must have!

27. A book given to you so mom could have tea in peace! – My first ABC sticker book from Wonderhouse

Off late Aprameya has developed an obsession towards stickers and this book comes to my rescue when I really need a breather! This colorful book is really helpful in improving the fine motor skills as well! We might finish this book this week and might grab a few more from Wonderhouse sticker series!

28. A book by Wonder House – Animal Tales From Panchtantra

Panchatantra stories were part of our childhood and we wanted to introduce to Aprameya too. We found a perfect version from Wonder House books! This book has 6 animal tales from Panchatantra, well renowned stories illustrated in simple language and bold bright pictures. Best book to introduce ancient Indian stories to your kid!

29. A book you gift often – Peppa Pig – Happy Birthday by Ladybird

Yet another Peppa lover’s treasure, this board book lights up candles at the press of a button and also plays the song Happy Birthday. It’s mummy pig’s birthday and Peppa and George makes a special cake for her! How they surprise the mommy is what the book is all about! We have gifted this a few times to kids of age group 1 to 5 and all have enjoyed it really! Give it a try!

30. A book you got from KBC recommendation – The Koala Who Could by Rachel Bright and Jim Field

This is the very first book we got as a recommendation from KBC when we were looking for a lovely picture book. The story is about Kevin, a koala who is so afraid to get out of his comfort zone and clings on to a tree forever. How his anxiety about getting down from his tree is addressed – that’s what the story all about! Aprameya loves Koalas, but still unable to express that in words. He gives me a hug from side and asks for this book! A must have book in your library irrespective of kid’s age!

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