Mar 292021
Avyukth and his little friend. #kbcPetUntrouble
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Finally, here’s our entry for the #kbcPetUntrouble contest🙂

We all know that babies love animals. When Avyukth was a baby, he would be intrigued by all the animal sounds we used to make. Now fast forward to toddler age, he really loves any pet animal and runs to play with them unlike his amma who is scared of animals and still fears them.

This happened when we visited my mom’s place in Kerala. They have lots of pet animals there like hens, cats and pigeons. Every morning, my mom makes sure to feed the pigeons and give them water. She feeds them wheat, rice and lentils. She’d place them on a plate and wait for the pigeons to come and eat.

After a few days, Avyukth wanted to keep their food ready. He would wake up in the morning and first thing he’d do was take the pigeon food ka dabba and fill the plate and place it outside. Pigeons usually sit on nearby trees and wait for us to put the grains. Once we move aside, they come and eat the grains.

Initially Avyukth didn’t know that pigeons fly away when we go near them. He used to feel sad when the pigeons flew away. But after a few days, the pigeons starting trusting Avyukth and they used to sit and eat happily. He too understood that he should not scare them.

We could see a little pigeon coming more often to our place and it would coo whenever it saw Avyukth. He even named the pigeon as ‘Appu’. Avyukth really loved this pigeon and he talked and talked to the pigeon while the pigeon would listen happily😁

When we were back from our native place, the first thing he remembered was to keep food and water out for the pigeons. Here we can see many pigeons and that reminds him of his Appu.

Ending our Appu tales by reading a book, Pigeon Poop by Seema Chari.

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