Jul 292021
Review: Giggi and Daddy
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Book Title: Giggi and Daddy

Author:  Richa Jha

Illustrator: Mithila Ananth

Publisher: Pickle Yolk Books

Type: Paperback

Recommended Age Group: 3-6 years

My husband won this book as a part of the #kbcADayWithDaddy Contest. This is his story.

Giggi and Daddy is a beautiful book that reminds us of the fact that fathers are equally important in the parenting journey but are often forgotten. We celebrate mothers for giving birth, we celebrate a mother’s love but what about a father’s love and celebrating them for all that they do?

 This is a beautiful story of a father who feels slightly left out, and so comes up with exaggerated (but delightfully funny) stories of his memories with his daughter. He makes up stories that he feels will make his daughter appreciate him and love him more, like telling her that she actually took birth out of his pocket! My four year old and I were smiling and laughing all through the book! The illustrations are amazing, and actually made my son say, “My daddy strongest”!

However, it is the ending that will steal your heart and make you want to read this book again and again. The daughter realises that her dad is making up stories, and goes on to tell him the heartwarming things that they do together, like him reading a book to her while she sits on his back and styles his hair! This book is extremely precious and will be treasured by all parents and kids! It has quickly become my son’s favourite book to read with his dad!

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