May 212021
Books on Puberty and Growing Up (8-12 years)
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Books help address the topics most parents as well as children find awkward. We often get #kbcqueries on this topic. We’ve curated this list of helpful books related to puberty, recommended by fellow parents.

What’s the Big Secret (for 7 years+) is one of the most recommended fun book to introduce the PERIOD to boys (and girls!).

To quote Tanvi Jain:

When I read “What’s The Big Secret” by Sonali Shenoy and illustrated beautifully and yet so simply by Anushka Hardikar with my 8 year old son it was so easy to explain the concept of menstruation and periods. It touched upon the taboo we make it as a family by avoid talking about it to the males members of our family. The story is simple yet very explanatory. Illustrations make it look just like it’s happening right now. They are more than just pictures drawn on a paper. Thanks to the authors for making a subject like periods sound so simple and fun. If you are thinking about explaining the concept to your girls and boys, get this book and talk about the subject while reading the book. I promise it will be a breeze.

Menstrupedia: This is a highly recommended book to introduce tween girls (and boys aged 10+) to Menstruation in a non complicated way. The language is friendly and answers various questions young girls have that they may not want to ask their parents/teachers. Makes the perfect gift to tween girls. Moms of tween boys may find this really helpful to educate their boys as well.

Asha and Aarini have this book and highly recommend it.

For Girls:

Just For Girls: It’s a tween-friendly, easy to understand book that explains what happens when you’re growing up. The fun language makes it an appealing read for tweens. It is not just about puberty, it explains (in an interesting way) how to take care of your skin (pimples are normal), what to eat (food groups), why exercise is important, emotions are hormones are a real thing – all in a non-cringy way. The illustrations explain everything better!

Asha and Aarini have this book and highly recommend it.

But What’s Up With Me? Puberty, Periods, Pimples, People, Problems and More by Tisca Chopra for 8-13 years.

What’s Happening To Me?: Girl

When Girls Grow Up: Puberty Book for Girls by Niyati Shah for 8+

Growing up for Girls – seems 10+

For Boys:

Gulu – The Essential Guide To Puberty For Boys (English) – this is from the makers of Menstrupedia and says for 8-14 years

Just For Boys

What’s Happening To Me?: Boy

When Boys Grow Up: Puberty Book for Boys by Niyati Shah for 9+

Growing up for Boys

The Body Book For Boys for 10+

The Boys Body Book: Everything You Need to Know for Growing Up YOU! for 9-12 years

SEX EDUCATION related reads

For sex education books, we recommend the parent first read the book before giving it to the child.

Sex Education: How I Got My Belly Button (for 9-12 years)

The Little Book of Growing Up for 9+

Sex is a Funny Word: A Book about Bodies, Feelings, and YOU – it says 7-10 years but parents should check out first.

The Yellow Book: A Parent’s Guide to Sexuality Education

Sex, puberty and all that stuff (parents please check this out first – might be for 15+ in India)

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