Jul 282020
Review: When The Moon Sneezed! (Stories by Amyra)
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Book: When the Moon Sneezed

Author: Amyra Wadhwa (6 years old when she wrote this book!)

Type: NOW PAPERBACK!!! (earlier, this was an e-book)

Age Group: 3-8 years

[As the author Amyra is a child, this review is being written in a letter format to address her directly!]

Dear Amyra,

Thanks for such lovely fictional story, it’s commendable at this early age.

Kaavya enjoyed reading your book over and over again as she is also a very imaginative girl like you. We were so involved in your story that at one point Kaavya said,

“Mumma I feel, I am also in this story as one of its characters”.

Christmas is very close to our heart, so was your story. The way Ruby found the sad star in the attic and she tried every possible way to help all the stars was very impressive. The way animals played their part in the story was thoughtful.

Kaavya said, “Wow Maze Puzzle is so cool, I want to visit this place”.

From attic to the jungle to the maze puzzle to the mountain to the old tree and finally magical balloons, candy strings and a mat.

Kaavya was fascinated with the magical ending. Her reaction was,

“Mumma the way Ruby found things was like a Treasure Hunt!”

Wow wow wow.
The magical ending was the cherry on the top of the cake. Kaavya was amazed and super excited with such enchanting illustrations! It was an easy read for her and each page captivated her. She will be reading your book over and over again for sure.

All the very best for your book and others to come! We will look forward to reading them all.

UPDATE ADDED BY ASHA ON APRIL 7: Both of Amyra’s e-books have been combined to a brand new paperback format!

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