Feb 082023

Review: The Sigh Of A Desert Storm

Clemira who with her family, is struggling to survive in her home country because of a war. Her childhood joy is lost. Her best friend, Adam decides to shift but unfortunately dies as the ship on which he was travelling was capsized. Her school BFF, Alea is the only one left for her. Her school auditorium is also destroyed by bombs and bullets, which resulted in her school closing down for some months.

Apr 292022

Review: The Wishing Well

The plot: The story revolves around a village, Dev Nagari, where lives a sweet little girl, Veena who is always worried about everyone’s well being and loves every creature. The villagers believe that prosperity and good fortune persists in their village because of a well: The Wishing Well. They believe in the long followed tradition that each bucket of water they take out from that well should be repaid to mother earth by performing a good deed.