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Review: When The Four Went Time Travelling (Stories By Amyra)
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Title: When The Four Went Time Travelling (Stories By Amyra)

Author: Amyra Wadhwa

Illustrated by Kanika Kush

Type: Paperback

Age Group: 4-9 years

We all have fantasies that we secretly wish would come true, and for me that has always been time travelling. How exciting would it be to travel back in time, see everything that we have only read of in history books and come back? Amyra Wadhwa’s third book, ‘When the Four went Time Travelling’ allows you to do exactly this. 

The story is about a group of friends who go back in time and come face to face with dinosaurs and mummies. It elaborates upon their adventures, how they save themselves from a mean T-Rex and outrun a maniac mummy.  

My 3.5 year old fell in love with the book without even knowing what it was about, because it had dinosaur illustrations in it! Amyra has a knack for writing things that will appeal to a child, and this book ensured that even a toddler was glued to the book right from the first line –

“They are collecting feathers, just like I do mumma!”

By starting the story in such a simple yet relatable way, Amyra invites her readers to become a part of the story itself. 

Of course, for my dino crazy toddler the best part of the book was the whole adventure with the T Rex, dino slime and tickling. He was so involved yet scared that he was peeping out from the blanket with one eye only! 

This book, perfect for pre-schoolers and older kids, will leave them with a curiosity about dinos, ancient Egypt, mummies, and time travelling. Be prepared to face questions like,

“Mumma, I’m so sad that we don’t have any T-Rex’s here, why can’t we keep them as pets?”.

Overall, a very enjoyable read for both, kids as well as adults. Now, only if I could time travel!

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ADDED BY ASHA IN DEC 2021: Tales of Santa is Amyra’s latest book that has 2 interesting stories!

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Reader Comments

  1. Appreciation Post for Our 7 year old Author
    Amyra Wadhwa and Kanika Shah Wadhwa for being a great support system for her daughter.

    Kudos for yet another great book….

    Book Name:-
    When The Four Went Time Travel
    Author:- Amyra Wadhwa
    Age:- Appropriate for 3+

    Kaavya and I enjoyed this book alot. Hats off to dear Amyra for her out of the box imagination and passion for writing.

    Kaavya was glued with this book for 2 days as time travel, Dinosaur and adventures are close to her heart. She was pretending to be the 5th imaginary girl in the book.

    She was thrilled with Amyra’s idea to tie the rope with the T-Rex teeth and climb up, use their feathers to make him sneeze and escape. That was an impressive escape, kudos.

    Then she was happy to visit pyramids and enjoy the roller coaster Egyptian journey through the book. She was not able to stop laughing watching the sliding Mummies…

    And as any other reader who doesn’t want a happy ending. But she as is a super curious reader, mumma is Amyra coming up with a sequel… as the magical boy said don’t say bye,will see you all soon on another adventure trip?

    Amyra, kaavya is waiting for your reply. Rather your more books in near future.

    Highly recommended fun book.


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