Dec 072020
Review: The Dark Towers Mystery
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Book Title:          The Dark Towers Mystery

Author :               Vihaan Yadav

Publisher:            Evincepub Publishing

Type:                  Paperback

Age Group:          7 – 12 years

When Amyra and I first heard about the book, we were excited at the thought of reviewing an a book about mystery and adventure, after all you all know our love for mysteries! We had no idea about the author at that time.

The book arrived and what caught the eye was the little section about the author on the back cover. Vidhaan Yadav, a 9-year-old! We are absolutely in awe of this young achiever. A mystery book at the age of 9! The future is indeed bright.

Vidhaan’s book brought back memories of reading Enid Blyton’s Famous Five for me. The mystery is set in a little village in far-away England. It revolves around five children and their dog, Cuddles, who are home for their summer break. It’s a cleaver plot involving gold, precious metal, magnets and the mysterious dark tower and valley. It has it all from bike rides, picnics to toboggans.

Amyra would have finished reading it in one go had horrid bed time not intervened and her many ‘one last page’ requests not refused by mum and dad who didn’t understand that the children had got caught and she simply had to find out what happened next! There were one or two places where Amyra did ask why did the children need lanterns and not torches or use lights from their phones (if they have those).

It makes for an easy read for children between 7 – 12 years. The twists and turns in the plot along with the lovely illustrations keep you engaged. Congratulations ‘The Mysterious Five’ for solving your first case and wish you all the success for your future cases.

Good luck Vidhaan!


Amyra & Kanika

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