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Review: Along Came A Spyder
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Title: Along Came A Spyder

Author: Apeksha Rao

Type: Paperback

Publisher: TreeShade Books

Age: 14+ years

This book came as a review copy from the author. Since it’s a YA (young adult) book, I ascertained the age appropriateness with her. Apeksha said it was for 14 years+ owing to the passing reference of prostitution. My child, Aarini who is 13 years old, watches American crime shows with me so is exposed to certain young adult/adult concepts. When I showed her the synopsis of the book she was keen to review it since she enjoys reading (and watching) this genre.

It’s interesting to see a fresh set of YA authors emerge in India. Something we as a generation did not have when we were in our teens!

And those of you who are wondering, this book is quite different from the bestseller ‘Along Came A Spider’ by James Patterson :).

I’m sharing Aarini’s review here.

This book is about Samira Joshi, a 17 year old girl who wants to be a spy and has been training to be one from the moment she came into this world with parents who are agents of RAW. But ever since her parents were assigned to an extremely dangerous mission in Georgia, they’ve been pushing her into the field of medicine! Can you imagine – one moment you’re busting drug deals, crime lords and bomb threats and the next you’re preparing to answer medical exams?!

While her parents were away on a mission, she spots her classmate, Tina in a dark corner at a coffee shop, talking to a former actress known for luring and trapping girls into illegal activities. She discreetly trails Tina to a government office that turns out to be the headquarters of the most elite teen girl spy organisation in the world, The Spyders!

Samira really wants to join The Spyders to prove to her parents that she is qualified and perfectly capable of becoming a spy. Except, she can’t. Her mother, who happens to be friends with the Colonel in charge of The Spyders, has given explicit instructions to him to not recruit Samira into his spy organisation under any circumstances.

The story becomes even more interesting after she somehow manages to become an agent in The Spyders. Telling you more about what happens next would kill the suspense, so I won’t revel anything further.

The plot is really gripping, which is what I liked most about the book. It will keep you engrossed till the very end. It’s fast paced like a live action spy thriller, because the second you start reading it, you can’t put it down, at least I couldn’t! Overall it’s jam-packed with twists and turns, crazy spy gadgets, intriguing mysteries and lots of humor.

I think the author, Apeksha Rao gets what kind of stories teens like. The language is easy to understand especially if you’re into the spy thriller genre. There is a passing reference of prostitution and a couple of swear words which is why this book is more appropriate for 14 years+.

I definitely recommend this book for people who enjoy crime/cop shows and of course, spy fiction.

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