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Review: Sonam’s Ladakh
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Book: Sonam’s Ladakh

Author: Manish Lakhani

Type: Paperback

Age group: 3- 8 years

We got this book from The Curious Owl and Kids Book Café Review-a-Book Contest .

Sonam’s Ladakh is a book which me and my son read together. And therefore we decided to capture our thoughts about the book and our experiences separately. 

Review by Reyansh Kaimal (6 years old)

Today I read the book ‘Sonam’s Ladakh.’ This is a story about a girl and her home in Ladakh. There was a girl who had a goat and she loved playing with the goat. Her cycle was her best friend. I felt excited to stay in a tent and play with the snow. Just like in the book. I thought the pictures were real and I loved the frozen waterfall. Ladakh is beautiful. I want to visit there. People should read this book. I learnt we always need to take care of nature. Bye- bye.

Review by Mom

A story that exemplifies ‘Incredible India,’ Sonam’s Ladakh was a true delight to read with my six-year old. As a Mom who is always on the look out for good lessons to give to my young one, this book gave me – national pride and a sense of appreciation for culture and our environment.    

What was the most striking part of the book were the pictures. It looked like I was actually right there in the snow-covered mountains of Ladakh. It was like watching national geographic. It was no surprise that the author is a professional photographer and he has done a splendid job in capturing the picturesque scenery of the green grass covered hills, the icey snowy mountains and also the beauty in the culture and people of Ladakh. I loved the picture of the adorable child rosy cheeked from the snow.  

The story is simple and in that lies its appeal to children. My six year old read it on his own.

His reactions were “Wow, so much snow here in India?”

I smiled and told him “Our country has it all – snow and deserts. The pictures and the girl’s story caught his attention. The girl Sonam tells us about how she lives in her tent and what her tribe is about. It was informative even for me.

“Ma, can we go there for vacation? I want to play cricket here.” He said pointing at the lush green valley. 

The book also has a map of India from where you can point to your city and see how far Ladakh is. My boy said “Here we are and next we will go to Ladakh.”

Now comes my most insightful takeaway from the book. The young girl shows us her beautiful home in Ladakh and at the end of the story, the reader is asked questions on environment preservation. What a fabulous connect! If we wish to live and see natural beauty, we need to be responsible and take care of it.

The story book also gives us discussion points to have with children on tips to take care of nature. A full complete package for young readers and future citizens. 

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  1. priya i loved reyu’s review! the fact that he asked about the snow. and that he wants to play cricket there! oh i wish you visit ladakh one day soon! your review makes me want to go there right now!!!


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