Jan 232024
Review: Vocabulary Villa – Become a Grammar Guru
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Book Name– Vocabulary Villa: Become a Grammar Guru
Author– Rachna Chhabria
Publisher– Vitasta Publishing
Number of pages– 104 pages
Type: Paperback
Recommended age group: 7/8 years+ (especially if the children have transitioned into chapter books)

I want to start by thanking KBC for giving us the opportunity to review this book. My 8-year-old son Shlok, thoroughly enjoyed it. His favorite parts are mentioned in the review in the BONUS section.

This book has taken boring grammar concepts and turned them into engaging stories. Each grammar concept is introduced by the mother of triplets (Roshni, Aman, and Rakhee), Mrs. Priya Menon who is an English teacher.

The book introduces the alphabet and how to use letters to form meaningful words. Next, it explains the meaning of slang through the stories. We were amazed at how beautifully it explains what slang is and why it is avoided in formal writing.

The next chapter is punctuation and each punctuation was a character in the story so it became easy to remember how they should be used in the sentence and what is its importance.

Idioms are explained with a story that is set in the zoo, due to this it became relatable as my son is always excited to talk about the trip to the zoo.

A few more topics covered in the book are Homonyms, Homophones, Metaphors, synonyms, Alliteration, and Personification.


1. Special mention of the word games that are given after each chapter, it is a great idea to engage children in a meaningful activity that helps them practice the concepts. Shlok had so much fun while solving them.
2. In addition to this, there are 30 writing prompts given at the end that will help children improve their writing skills.

In conclusion, I highly recommend this book to children who have started reading chapter books and find grammar to be a dry and dull subject. This book is sure to change the child’s perspective on the subject by making it interesting and interactive. I wish this book was around when I was in school! Kudos to the author for the creativity she has put into the book 😀

If you enjoyed this review and wish to become a grammar guru, you might want to buy this book from Amazon (kbc affiliate link),


Disclaimer: Krutheeka and her son are a part of the #kbcReviewerSquad and received this book as a review copy from the publisher via kbc.

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